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Facebook deletes account of Author Joseph Pendleton, Californication Book that attacks censorship

Update 11/01/2020: Facebook has restored both the author’s account and book page. The author has created new social media accounts on free-speech platforms like Parler and MeWe. Joseph has chosen to end all advertising campaigns with Facebook.

Facebook has deleted Joseph Pendleton’s account and book page for “violating their terms of service,” without warning and without recourse. The book page will eventually no longer exist. “It is clear that the First Amendment no longer exists in the United States,” states Pendleton.

No notification, just this message. No recourse–no way to contact Facebook. Facebook claims COVID-19 is preventing them from reviewing accounts.

There have been numerous reports of Authors having their books deleted from Amazon, effectively erased from history. We fear that Joseph’s book is next, and urge you to purchase a copy as soon as possible. We are looking at multiple legal options to pursue. As the book directly confronts the rise of censorship in America, it is a clear blatant infraction of what we all stand for as Americans. “I am ultimately devastated. I wrote the book in a professional, collegiate format that demands people’s attention. This decision by Facebook has hurt me emotionally, financially, and professionally.” Facebook has a monopoly on the advertising market and is due to testify before Congress in November–of course, this will happen after the election, not before, as many of these censorship cases are clear examples of election meddling.

Joseph Pendleton is seeking legal assistance on this matter. You can reach him at:


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