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New book by Joseph Pendleton attacks Agenda 2030 plans, Governor Jared Polis’ COVID-19 Response

Californication Book

A new book by Joseph Pendleton aims to provide answers to the American Public for the true reasons behind the Federal Government’s tyrannical response to COVID-19. Californication: The Rise of the American Technocracy questions the the actions of local governments across the world: “The COVID-19 response has merged with the sustainable development Agenda. Why? This question must be answered by our elected leaders as we shut down the entire American economy.” Pendleton argues that our leaders are up to something more nefarious than what Dr. Fauci is claiming on national television every day. “In reality,” Pendleton states, “the American way of life, politically, culturally, and socially—is under assault. People claim that ‘things will go back to normal if we do this, or if we do that.’ That is simply not the case. World leaders are taking advantage of this situation. It was Obama’s advisor Rahm Emanuel that said we can never let a crisis go to waste. I definitely believe that is the case with the COVID-19 pandemic response.”

The COVID-19 response has merged with the sustainable development Agenda. Why?

Joseph Pendleton on his new book, Californication: The Rise of the American Technocracy

The book analyzes the sustainable development movement or “Green New Deal,” as many Democrats label it. It parallels the United Nations Agenda 2030 program with America’s response to COVID-19. In reality, the COVID-19 response is an assimilation program for Americans to adopt a new standard of living under the worldwide Agenda 2030 program.

Simultaneously, it examines the Marxist takeover of several states, namely Colorado. “Jared Polis was selected, not elected. He is a control-freak technocrat with strong support from Marxists in California, and elsewhere. Hickenlooper built his platform, Jared Polis’ job is to execute the plan fully… I chose Californication to describe America’s transformation to a communist technocratic state for a reason. The state is the source of ideas and funding for Democrat platforms nationwide. Colorado just happened to be California’s first victim.”

Without a doubt, America is facing a constitutional crisis of epic proportions. Class warfare and economic turmoil are the end result of America’s addiction to government intervention and multiple national calamities. The COVID-19 virus that currently has a survival rate of over 99 percent has served as the perfect catalyst to enact this plan across all municipalities and towns across America. People have lost their jobs–and their lives–directly to the government response to this virus. Entire generations are being lost to “nursing” homes, where Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients are left alone, increasing their decline.

How will America respond? Will we fight for more freedom, or will we succumb to the heavy hand of big government? Author Joseph Pendleton wants to offer adequate solutions in his new book, without all of the gloom and doom most researchers focus on.

Californication: The Rise of the American Technocracy is a book for the times. It is now for sale on Amazon.

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