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Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper Confronted at 2018 Bilderberg Meetings, Mainstream Media Ignores

Editor’s Note: This is a previously published article, I am reposting this to remind Coloradans who they will be electing in November as Senator if they choose Hickenlooper. Originally published June, 2018.

Once a hidden and secret meeting for the elitist cabal that conspiracy theorists allege are planning a “New World Order,” the famed Bilderberg Group is largely open to the public with an official website and a list of attendees. They still do not release their meeting agenda, however, which is the obviously the most controversial aspect of the group. Would they have made themselves public if not for scrutiny from independent journalists? Probably not.

To this day, media pundits still avoid reporting on the meeting and its participants. Much of what conspiracy theorists allege has proven to be accurate. For example, many believe the early stages of founding the European Union occurred at Bilderberg group meetings many years prior. There is also evidence to support the theory that this is where the economic elite make decisions to plan the future of the United States and Europe, future U.S. Presidents are selected there, future economic planning, all with the goal to align the world under one currency and one government. 

That brings us to Bilderberg 2018’s most interesting attendee. As a native Coloradan, this years meeting has an attendee that almost made me spill my coffee. Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado will be in attendance this year. With Presidential talk surrounding the embattled Colorado Governor, one has to wonder: what is he doing there? We all know he is not a supporter of President Trump, and with the meeting rumored to be centered on the rise of populism throughout the world, has John Hickenlooper been recruited to put this movement down in 2020? More importantly, is John Hickenlooper violating the Logan Act, which stipulates U.S. government officials cannot have secret meetings with foreign leaders? 

Colorado’s central geographic location and large amount of federal investment here with the military makes Colorado a prime location for geopolitical planning. The conspiracies surrounding the Denver International Airport and Agenda 21 all have roots here in Colorado. Yet, that is a topic for another discussion. The point is, local media have blacked out Hick’s attendance, which only adds to the conspiracy theorists’ fire. Conservatarian Press will be following this closely, as you can be sure that NBC’s 9News, ABC’s Denver Channel 7, and Fox News-KDVR will not be covering it. 


One thing is true: secret meetings do not promote transparency which is integral to the maintenance of our Constitutional Democratic Republic.

Update: Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change confronts Hick at Bilderberg 2018: 

Here is a link to see the official list of attendees at Bilderberg 2018 this year:

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