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The Top 5 Ways Californian Culture is Destroying Colorado

As most Coloradans know, our state is quickly changing and many argue it is for the worse. The cost of living and housing prices are skyrocketing, crime is rising, and the increased population is putting a strain on Colorado’s natural beauty. John Denver complained about the destruction of Colorado’s landscape in his famous song, “Rocky Mountain High.” Yet, something is hiding beneath the cloak of change draped across Colorado: the large swath of liberal Marxists moving to our state is also changing the political landscape. Here are the top 5 examples of how liberal politics are destroying what many appreciate about Colorado the most.

1. Cost of Living and Housing Prices

California is the most populous state in the country, with over 39 million residents. It is one of the most expensive states to live in for this reason alone. The high cost of living and burdensome tax structure, which will only get worse as Trump’s tax plan punishes high tax states, has forced many to leave, which I highlighted in my previous article, California Exodus: The Great Migration 3.0. This actually puts many Californians at a huge advantage when they move to Colorado. With California’s expensive housing dilemma, it leaves sellers with a strong amount of equity to take with them to their new state. As more people flee to Colorado from California and other states that are experiencing similar circumstances (think of Chicago, IL), they hold stronger purchasing power than Colorado natives. This is why many Coloradans are being forced to leave; the Denver Post reported “traffic headaches and high home prices” as the main factors for leaving. HomeSale

2. Destruction of Colorado’s Trails and Mountains, Increased Litter & Graffiti

One simply needs to pay attention to the nightly news in Colorado to see that Colorado’s natural treasures are being destroyed. Without a doubt, the best example is the abuse endured at Hanging Lake. Transplants ignore the signage, walking across the historic log that extends across the lake, or they decide it is their right to bathe and swim in a protected landmark. The Forest Service has also implemented restrictions on the number of visitors due to this type of abuse, and they even considered shutting down the site permanently. And if you travel to Denver, you will also find that many residents are complaining that Denver is no longer a clean or safe city that it once was.

3. Traffic Headaches, Rude Drivers

The Denver-Metro area now has some of the worst traffic in the country, ranking 21st out of 420 U.S. cities for terrible traffic.  With terrible traffic, road rage follows. The Colorado State Patrol says road rage is on the rise and is getting nastier. Denver actually made it in the top ten for road rage across the country, as highlighted in the news report below. Many of those interviewed, is probably the cause of the problem. Looking at you–girl from Las Vegas and the hippie from California!

4. Insulting Colorado Natives, Spitting on Colorado Culture

In a conversation with a transplant from California, the gentlemen proclaimed “I’m tired of seeing all of those ‘NATIVE’ bumper stickers on the road. The only natives are Native Americans, you guys are so arrogant.” This is a typical response from a leftist who does not understand their own history. Thousands of families traveled on the infamous Oregon Trail, heading west in the mid 19th century, many settling in Colorado. They helped found the state in 1876, and contributed to the Colorado culture we know and love today. They did not come to Colorado for their fancy tech job, or because it was trendy to do so. They came here looking for a better life, where freedom was respected. More importantly, native Coloradans understood and respected the natural beauty of the state.  Those “No Vacancy” stickers do not just reflect Coloradan’s dismay for the infringement on their daily lives with increased population—they reflect the respect natives have for the natural environment.

Overall, transplants do not assimilate to Colorado culture, they are fine with replacing it. One only needs to attend a Chicago Cubs-Colorado Rockies matchup, or bout between the Nuggets and Lakers, to realize this fact. Colorado is now a state where “natives” are about as rare as a diamond in the rough, which is why you see “Pioneer Plates” (Natives whose families moved here before the state’s founding in 1876) and “NATIVE” bumper stickers. Liberals moving to Colorado and joining the legislature were so annoyed by this that they no longer require proof of residency prior to 1876 in order to obtain a “Pioneer” license plate.

5. Like Cockroaches, Californians do not change their voting behavior.

Voting for higher taxes, welfare for illegal immigrants, and excessive regulation will surely raise the cost of living in your state. But hey, if it doesn’t work the first time, try, try, try again, right? Wrong. Since Democrats have taken over the Colorado House legislature in 2007, it is undeniable that Colorado has become one of the most expensive places to live in the country. The state budget increases year after year under Governor John Hickenlooper. The Democrats’ solution? Increase welfare spending for affordable housing, and raise taxes. Of course, this only pours more fuel on the fire.


As Denver-metro area cities incentivize apartment building instead of condos and small single-family homes, they are also incentivizing affordable housing units. All this does is force people to be permanent renters, never having access to equity gains in the market. The best example is Denver’s affordable housing Ponzi scheme that left many homeowners out to dry—the city mandated that certain units could only have equity increases of 1-3%, instead of the 20-50% gains that most Colorado homeowners are currently enjoying. In other words, Denver made it harder for residents to find affordable housing through the functions of the free market.

All of these reasons, among others, is why Colorado’s economy is becoming unsustainable for many, mostly Colorado natives. Crimes like theft and murder are rising as affordability decreases, with a homicide increase of 10% every year since 2008. 

Democrat transplants are also now putting TABOR in their crosshairs. Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights mandates that Colorado voters should always have direct input through the ballot for tax increases and decreases. Ironically, Colorado democrats are attacking one of the most democratic institutions in Colorado. What is next, going after Colorado’s direct ballot initiative, that only a few states have, which helped libertarians (not liberals) legalize marijuana?

This is only the beginning. Transplants are voting for unconstitutional gun control mandates far and wide, first in 2013 with a 15 round magazine ban which resulted in the recall of two Democrat state senators, and now in 2018 with Boulder County’s ban on “assault weapons.” The democrats moving here glorify the Columbine and Aurora shootings to push their agenda further, often raising campaign donations off of Colorado’s local tragedies. None of the solutions they provide are real solutions at all—they are a control freak’s idea of a utopia that will never be realized due to its utter denial of common sense, and the natural right to self-defense. The culture war has extended beyond welfare and tax reform by threatening the Colorado Constitution that Colorado natives’ ancestors enacted 150 years ago.


Overall, Coloradans need to wake up to the reality that our state has been hijacked. With the help of George Soros and other local Colorado Billionaires, the “Rocky Mountain Heist” is almost complete. 2018 Midterm elections will prove to be the ultimate litmus test for Colorado’s political future. As more Californians move here, it is necessary to hold discussions about accountability and respect with your new neighbors.

Be sure to watch the “Rocky Mountain Heist” documentary, which highlights Colorado’s transition from red, to purple, to blue. It was not an accident!


Did you enjoy this article? If so, you will definitely enjoy Joseph Pendleton’s new book, Californication: The Rise of the American Technocracy!

18 Responses to “The Top 5 Ways Californian Culture is Destroying Colorado”

  1. Gary W Moore

    It is the native Coloradans that keep electing left wing loonytoons to state positions. When I lived there Colorado was a place where real men and women lived and prospered. Now it’s inhabited by a bunch of dope smoking self serving liberals. Don’t blame Ca. Ca’s. problem is there are too many lefties moving here from the snowbound wastelands of the East Coast. As soon as they dig out, here they come. Electing the likes of Gov. Moonbeam, and his merry minions.


  2. Matrinka

    I agree with everything posted except that Californians are soley to blame. i finally excaped from Colorado after watching it self implode. Drive anywhere around Denver and you will see half the country in license plates. I saw more TX plates than any other states. don’t be fooled, they are the ultra liberal from Austin. it’s easy to blame CA but look around and realize it’s not such a slam dunk theory.


  3. AC

    California was solidly Republican until Democrat judges vacated our vote, and flooded CA with Mexicans. We got the exact opposite of what we voted for. This happened again, and again, and again, until there were enough non-American voters in CA to give the Democrats complete control of the State. That is where we are now. They don’t even pretend to have legitimate elections any more.

    Take a long, hard, look at the people ruining Colorado. They came to California from New York in the late 1950s into the early 1970s, stayed long enough to ruin California, then turned their sights onto Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington.

    After ruining those States, they’ve moved on – to Idaho, Colorado, Texas, and so on. They’ll chisel away at your State until nothing remains that isn’t ruined.

    They aren’t Californians, though, the Californians are still in California – trying to live in the unendurable catastrophe the NYC locust left behind as best we can.

    The only chance you have is to make life for your new ‘metropolitan elite’ unbearable in Colorado, and get them to leave. They demand things like reliable utilities and cell phone service, for instance.

    Or I suppose you could just shoot them all. Your call.


    • NY Meddler

      Ridiculous. Look at the big names in California Democratic politics — Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, Swalwell, Ted Lieu. All native or naturalized Californians, with ZERO ties to NY. If you want to know why California swung left, look to immigration. The super rich needed scab labor from Mexico to sustain their way of life and saw no downside to a leftist agenda of open borders and reduced gun rights. (THEY would always have access to firearms) This scapegoating of NY is just laughable. Californians are just flat nuts.


      • Jack

        I agree but there are more reasons than just illegal immigration. I am a conservative who has lived in California my entire life and I’ve watched it go from moderate to extreme left. The slow burn to the left has 3 main causes…Hollywood/celebrities, San Francisco/homosexuals (LBGT or whatever they call themselves these days) and the fact we share a border with Mexico.

        There are a ton of theories as to why wealthy celebrities are so far left but in my opinion it is mostly about the guilt that arises from earning too much money too easily. They are too stupid to understand that the policies of the left only end up hurting the poor so they vote that way to try and rid themselves of guilt. Then it became the thing to do and now it is entrenched.

        For whatever reason, San Francisco became the homosexual capital of the world in the 1980s and with that comes a push against traditional conservative religious values.

        Finally, as you’ve mentioned, we’ve had unchecked illegal immigration for decades. Yes, some of it had to do with wanting cheap labor but a lot of it is simply because groups 1 and 2, mentioned above, naturally fight for them.

        I’ve watched as taxes have steadily increased to insane levels, the homeless populations have grown to crazy levels, our forests are burning, our rights have been slowly but surely been taken away one by one and, in general, our cost of living and regulatory environment are sky high. California is turning into a cess pool and it is 100% the fault of left leaning politicians who seem to get dumber every year. I always wonder if this is the year they’ve gone too far…is this the year my fellow Californian’s send a message to Sacramento…but it hasn’t happened yet.

        My advice to Colorado is to start pushing back HARD RIGHT NOW. They took control in 2007? It might be too late. However, the conservatives in your state need to band together, raise massive amounts of money and fight like hell to get your state back one legislator at a time. Good luck!


  4. Martin

    I was a Colorado native. I lived there for 56 years, but in 2015 I got out. It became unaffordable and too many times my 60 mile commute on I-70 and I-25 turned into a four hour ordeal. It’s really sad to see the home you grew up in turn to excrement. It used to be such a beautiful place full of lovely sensible people. Now it’s just packed wall to wall with rude jackasses.

    I live in the mid-south now and for the most part the people here are polite, friendly and well mannered. Even the cops I’ve encountered out here have been likeable. Traffic is easy. Wages are a bit lower, but real estate is a steal, and taxes are a small fraction of what I paid in CO. It’s also very 2nd Amendment friendly. I’m never going back to Colorado.


  5. Lance

    same thing is happening here in florida… Born and raised crackers are being pushed out and or over run with libs from the NE and PR . Destroying the traditional Fla culture and traditions ..and bringing with them the freedom and liberty destroying voting habits of the leftists…


  6. Ben Dannett

    Colorado was an epitome of the Wild West of our American heritage. Now we are being destroyed. Such a travesty. The result of indoctrinated, uncaring, despicable millennials………who give a damn about nothing …..but themselves. Americans….and Coloradoans damn well better wake up to the forces intending to destroy our great nation and our great state.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Marlis Laursoo

    Wow! This is new for me, but so interesting and something I have been observing for a long time. People come here saying they love everything about the state, BUT we need this and we need that. I also am a transplant from the Midwest , and found the real locals very friendly and inclusive when I came many years ago. But this above observation is very visible, but one thing I see and hear is -” Our taxes are not bad, I am glad to pay taxes because it shows I am making money!! Taxes are REALLY low in THIS county. We need more money to pay for our children’s education – we need more money to pay for public transportation. There is never enough money. We need to tax more. ” I see no end to this. We never went far from home n the 50’s and not often in the 60’s . Now we drive to Denver or Grand Junction and back once or twice a month or more. I don’t see I’ll ever see anything like the nice quiet state I once knew again. People here drive 30,40 100 miles each way to work and back again. Killing energy production in our state has put a big hardship on jobs and income for many people. People who made $90 – 100,000 a year are looking for $15 an hour jobs now. Also drug use has taken it’s toll on our young men and women. It is not just opioids, either. Younger children are using marijuana as it is more available and not illegal.There are a lot of good things going on here if you keep your kids off drugs and booze and keep them busy in sports and wholesome activities and know who their friends are. But it isn’t just the newcomers who are trying to change the politics of this state, our schools are teaching liberal values and our children we thought were thinking the way we think are influenced by these people they think know more than we do……….

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Jesse Bass

    A common trend I often hear from the liberals and the new transplants are , “I don’t mind paying higher taxes. The taxes aren’t that high any way. besides, taxes go to good causes like helping poor people”. 🤦🏻‍♂️ They don’t even realize why the taxes are going up or where the taxes are actually going.
    They’ve all been brainwashed by their “greater causes” and by the people they’ve elected into office. I lived in California as a young man in the military. Unfortunately, I do see similarities in the two states now. I’ve lived in Colorado for over 20 years and have slowly watched the Marxist and Liberal movements destroy this beautiful state. The Rocky Mountain Heist is a real thing. And it’s also scary to see how it happened. The innocent and the true supporters of good were completely taken advantage of.


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    […] The Top 5 Ways California Culture is Destroying Colorado This article uplifted The Conservatarian Press to new heights! At the start of 2019, it was my goal to reach 10,000 site visitors by the end of the year. After Facebook finally decided to let us create a page for the site, we were able to share this article in a private group of passionate Colorado Trump supporters who then chose to share this article everywhere they could. After the first day, the site has amassed over 1000 site visitors, the most traffic in a single day. For a week and a half straight, every day set a new traffic record. After the end of the viral outbreak, the article had gathered over 38,000 visitors. Without a doubt, this outcome could only have occurred with the help of grassroots supporters like you! […]


  10. Casey

    A little late to the party, but great article. You explained my sentiments exactly, especially in regards to the refusal of transplants to adopt our culture.


  11. Xander

    I’ve always wanted to live in Colorado, specifically Breckenridge, but now I’m not so sure.



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