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Black Lies Matter, Episode I: Tay Anderson, Mr. Glass

“My body hurts all over…I will be OKAY still #IRISE,” Tay Anderson, a Denver Public Schools Board member proclaimed after he was purportedly shoved by a Denver Police Officer in a confrontation at Denver’s homeless encampment in Civic Center Park. Before we dissect this incident and the false-flag that Mr. Anderson has perpetrated on the People of Colorado, lets firsts examine why police were at the park in the first place.

Mr. Anderson, you cannot have it both ways. One one hand, your Marxist colleagues have demanded that schools shut down for a virus that has a kill rate of .0004%.  You have shut down our economy, destroyed thousands of lives and businesses in the process. Governor Jared Polis ordered the camp to be cleared as it has become a consistent source for disease and filth, and this was apparent prior to the Pandemic. Tourists and locals now completely avoid the area, and 3 people were shot at the same location last week.  So, Mr. Anderson—pick your policy. Either you believe this pandemic is real and it needs to be handled, or you can constantly play the role of social justice warrior, even when it conflicts with the Marxist agenda to destroy the American economy and oust President Trump from office.

Tay Anderson

Tay Anderson, Professional Victim and Community Agitator 

Unfortunately for you, I believe you went against the big agenda and priority number one—people will see the error in your judgment, and you will get your ass handed to you in court if it even makes it that far. Your colleagues want Trump gone—they do not care about the homeless in that camp, they do not care about you tripping over a shoelace after clearly being shoved by a Denver Police Officer. You were not injured that day—if you are, please let us know how it was to work with Bruce Willis on “Unbreakable.”

Man, I am glad I chose not to teach in Denver—where students are trained to be professional social justice warriors instead of productive members of society. It is clear after seeing the altercation that you were violating the governor’s order simply to cause more problems—there is no ample cause to fight here, other than to point out that the policies you endorse every day have actually created a housing crisis in Colorado. After seeing the video, it is obvious that no hospitalization was required—your antics are gross examples of hyperbole, and I hope that your colleagues at DPS hold you accountable—they will not, half of them are a bunch of coke-heads from MSU-Denver (I know them personally.) Enjoy the antics of another community organizer Denver Police, this is what happens when you suck up to those who play the role of victim when there was no injury. 


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