Because it's not about left or right, it's about right or wrong.

Dr. Fauci is a snake and a political grandstander and it is time to fire him.

I never thought I would discover someone that is more narcissistic than President Trump. The difference between the two men? Trump actually gets off on winning for the American people, versus the arrogant Dr. Fauci who gets off on controlling the American people.

There is absolutely no reason for Dr. Fauci to get on national television as much as he does. There is no reason for Dr. Fauci to throw the first pitch at a baseball game when millions of people have lost their jobs. This is not a time to celebrate. It was this moment that it became clear that Dr. Fauci is a snake and a political grandstander who cannot be trusted.

I do not care who you support for President. Ask yourself these questions—Why is a Director of infectious diseases able to insult and contradict the President of the United States—Why has this man never been fired or reprimanded in the time that he has “served” 6 Presidents?

The answer is simple—blatant and open corruption. Fauci is a dinosaur, a relic of corrupt arrangements with big pharmaceutical companies, like Moderna, who was only created in the last decade specifically for this virus. Fauci has lied about his data and is scaring the American public with a virus that has a kill rate of .0004 as compared to the 1% kill rate of the 1918 Spanish Flu.

This is a political coup to take down the President—for those that can’t or refuse to see it, I only ask you why you are freaking out about a virus that is on par with the seasonal flu worldwide for deaths? One should ask why Fauci is more visible than Joe Biden, who is currently running for President if you noticed or cared.

It is time that President Trump do whatever he can to oust this political grandstander, the attention whore at NIAID has to go! 

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