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Gangs of New York: America has always been a circus

On a rainy Saturday night, I came across an interview with Martin Scorcese and Daniel Day-Lewis for their 2002 film Gangs of New York. It is embarrassing to admit I had completely forgotten about the film, and that Scorcese had actually directed it. As most know, the film encapsulates 19th century New York City just at the start of the American Civil War. Scorsese said that he wanted to show the audience what America truly looked like during its early beginnings as more migrants came over from Europe, specifically Irish and Catholic migrants who were treated terribly by the native population. Most importantly, the film highlights the fact that there was not a clear line between the North and South regarding the war.

After watching the complete interview, I immediately found my copy of the film and watched it again. There was this creeping feeling throughout the film that ironically and paradoxically, although Martin was trying to show modern-day Americans how far we have come since the Civil War, all I could see was the similarities between then and now. Every racial and religious group had detached and remained separate where roaming gangs preyed on each other in New York’s feudalistic economy. Contrary to what you were likely told in elementary school about America’s smooth assimilation process at Ellis Island, America was a complete shit show from its early beginnings onward.

Some of these thoughts began to scroll across the ticker in my brain: “Has America truly ever seen true prosperity?” “America has always been polarized and divided along racial and cultural lines.” “The constant influx of migrants has always created division in America.” 

Throughout the film, I found the position of “The Butcher,” an angry native completely understandable, yet illogical. He was tired of seeing Europe’s weak and poor masses show up on America’s shores when they only came to steal any resemblance of comfort and prosperity from those who were raised here. He was tired of the constant battle, and in his last words, felt that he was a “true American” by defending his people. Ironically, both the Irish and the native population have been decimated by federal troops, a microcosm of what’s to come in America’s future.

It was at this moment that I realized America’s structure as a whole is completely flawed. If you were a corporation, a high turnover rate would be a bad thing. In America, it is a way of life, a systemic and integral part of the system. The natives lose their position, property, and prosperity, to the constant flow of newcomers while the bankers take their cut in the process. America’s conquest of the native population in its early beginnings began the cycle. Now, under the guise of “white privilege,” affirmative action has actually sanctioned this process and promoted it. It is like a game of musical chairs for professional victims. Who will be the victim next decade?

Let’s be honest here: the militant black lives matter movement is solely about the destruction of white people, and white culture. Every racial group in America has positioned itself against all white people. Those same racial groups are also positioned against each other, as seen in America’s inner cities, where gangs thrive in every major U.S. city in the country. The narrative that white people have never experienced oppression and are in fact the oppressors is a myth, as seen in the migration from Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. The elites have always found ways to pin us off one another. It is clear that now more than ever nothing has changed in America. There will never be a new morning, as Ronald Reagan once said on the campaign trail. There never will be a “Make America Great Again,” because America has always been divided. Ironically, the man who said, “America was never great,” Governor Andrew Cuomo, is implementing the same ideology that only furthers this divide. The “separate but equal” legal doctrine may not have been ideal, but it was definitely understandable. At least it honored the fact that the preservation of individual races and cultures is completely natural.

It is possible that throwing a bunch of different cultures and ethnicities into one country wasn’t such a great idea, especially if the dominant political class is built upon highlighting grievances between groups. America is not a melting pot—it resembles a cheese platter with walls and boundaries. You cannot blend cultures into one “gray” body. Cultural identities must be preserved, or all will be destroyed. 

Over this past weekend, America reached its boiling point. Shots have been fired between opposing “protest” groups across the country. Armed militias are now facing off up to the point of actually firing.

Police departments like the Aurora Police department in Colorado are defending thugs while charging drivers for trying to get home on the highway, with shots being fired at their vehicle—when society reaches the peak of lawlessness that it has now, there is no turning back.  

Instead of allowing different ethnicities to maintain and protect their culture, the Democrats’ Marxist agenda to divide America among class and racial lines by punishing all white people has reinvoked anger that has been simmering in the country since its founding. Maybe it is time for America to fall, without a doubt, the outcome would be well-deserved. The rule of law is completely devoid of any authority and Americans’ rights are being trampled on across the board. 


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