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Letter to the editor: City of Lakewood (CO) ban on fishing proves COVID-19 lockdowns are about power and control

“They are forging new chains for you folks. This is a new form of slavery. It is the enslavement of the mind.”

David Knight, The David Knight Show 

If there is one activity on earth that I could think of that would be “pandemic-friendly” it would be fishing on a lake or a stream by yourself or with one other person. If there is anyone else there, they will always try to find their own space, as that is the name of the game when it comes to fishing. Yet, the City of Lakewood, Colorado has made it clear that they will do anything to make simple fun activities impossible in order to push their Marxist COVID-19 shutdown on Coloradans.

The first thing Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials did at Bear Creek Lake Park was to not adequately staff the boat inspection area. Canoers, Kayakers, paddleboarders, and stand-alone fishermen were allowed access, however, fishing boats were not allowed. On father’s day, I had completely unloaded my hand-launched aluminum boat with an electric trolling motor and the gear inside under the watchful eye of the CPW officer sitting in his truck. He preceded to wait until my boat was entirely loaded to tell me the boat was not allowed on the water due to the fact it had not been inspected. He was standing with two other officers at the time–for someone who has fished this lake regularly, I am well aware that they typically only have 1-2 officers on-site at all times. I immediately asked why one of them could not inspect this boat, and they had no answer. I pointed out the insanity in this logic with 3 men standing in front of me, who were apparently incapable of carrying out this boat inspection on a 12-foot hand-launched Jon boat. The difference between my boat and the canoe? The shape.

In the predominantly conservative mountain towns of Colorado, I have been able to fish freely, boat inspection stations fully manned, and for those that are not, I am still allowed access to the lake.

Bear Creek Lake Park is now closed, due to erroneous knee-jerk decisions made by arrogant politicians who think they are parents, not our servants. 

Erroneous fire bans in Teller and Park counties are sad attempts by government bureaucrats to limit camping and shooting in the mountains. To those who enjoy this lifestyle every year, the changes and blatant attempts to thwart our freedoms are obvious.

It is patently clear to me what is happening here, Coloradans. This has nothing to do with preventing a virus. This is about power and control. This is about Government pressing its thumb down on hardworking Americans, who now cannot take a kayak out on a lake due to “social distancing” concerns. Coloradans can’t even hike in the mountains now without a fishing pass! 

As a 5th generation Coloradan, I can no longer live here. I am packing things up, where I can fish freely, unlike the muzzled dogs that you all have become here in the once free state of Colorado.  

It is time that Americans wake up and realize that we are no longer free men and women. We are slaves to government overlords who have taken control of every activity in our daily lives. For those that think the COVID-19 pandemic will simply “pass,” think again. Once government bureaucrats obtain new power, they will never relinquish it. Get used to the masks. Get used to the lockdowns. Get used to forced economic starvation. 

For Liberty,

A pissed off Colorado native and trout slayer


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