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Nancy Pelosi: Check out my $30k refrigerators and $13/pint chocolate ice cream stash while Americans starve

I cannot think of any politician in America who is more out of touch with their constituents than Nancy Pelosi. She is the personification of hypocrisy and blatant corruption in politics, with a net worth of over $100 million.  How do you make that much money being a politician? We know it did not come from her congressional salary. While Donald Trump became a billionaire funding his own real estate deals, Nancy Pelosi’s product of choice is corrupt deals with lobbyists and corporations.

In the last few months since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen Democrats and the media attack Donald Trump for doing too much to prevent the virus(shutting down transportation from China ix xenophobic) while also telling Americans to keep moving along with business as usual.

It gets worse. While martial law quarantines are extended by Democratic Governors, Americans have lost more jobs and capital than any other time since the Great Depression. With a death rate that has yet to exceed the number of deaths due to alcoholism, Democrat governors continue to hold their economies and constituents hostage. For whatever reason, Democrats have chosen not to factor in deaths from the economy failing into their genius equations.

Americans are suffering. The disruption in food supply lines has people constantly hunting for things like milk, eggs, and other staples. Yet, Nancy Pelosi wants to brag to you about what her corruption and your tax dollars have purchased for her. Even James Corden had a hard time watching the video, as he quipped “I didn’t know this interview would turn into an episode of Cribs.” 

There is a reason that this show failed on MTV after the millennial generation entered the workforce–they realized it was all a mirage. The Democrats have sold us a bill of goods, they likely created this virus to thwart the Presidency of Donald Trump and the American people’s comeback from economic and cultural ruin.

So, when you watch Pelosi and the other Democrat baboons tell you that Trump is to blame, remember that they were busy impeaching him in January when the virus had likely already reached the shores of the U.S.

Who is out of touch with this situation, and who is truly endangering the American people? 


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