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Conspiracy of Silence, Episode VII: Technocrats Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Gates is a genius. Bill Gates revolutionized the world, maaaaaaaaaaan. (See: Bill Burr Steve Jobs skit) Even WORSE: BILL GATES IS A HERO. Are any of these things true? I would argue that answer is an unequivocal NO. The average American consumer wants to believe that there is one genius behind the product; the idea helps sell the myth called “The American Dream,” that one man can create value without the help of others. There is a secret in the computer technology industry that most could not and would not be able to comprehend: computer whizzes are a bunch of thieves and frauds.  This is especially true for the supposed computer gods Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. If you actually take the time to follow their careers, you will find that their strategy for success was simple: take existing technology, and make it better. Or, if you cannot make it better, just steal it and call it something different. This is true of most technology, however, the stealing part is optional and dependent on the morality of the engineer.

This is exactly what Jobs and Gates did. Jobs had secured the technology for the computer mouse and graphic display interface that we all use today from Xerox’s research department, PARC, of which both Jobs and Gates were members. Both had continued their own business pursuits on the side.  Apple, Jobs’ creation, delayed their first personal computer launch  which allowed Bill Gates’ Microsoft an opening to release their personal computer first, with an improved graphic interface called “Windows,” with the word processor program “Word.” When Jobs accused Gates of theft, he replied:

“I think its more like we had this rich neighbor named XEROX, and I broke into his house to steal the TV set, and found out you had already stolen it.”

Why is it important that both Gates and Jobs did not create the user interface that helped put their products on the map? Well, because they told us they did, and they have always been quick to remind us that we should be on our hands and knees thanking them for this new technology. Bill Burr is 100% correct when he stated that there were hundreds of engineers who helped create the first iPhone, it was not Jobs in his office working tirelessly to “change the world.” It takes a true narcissist and psychopath to constantly build upon other people’s ideas and never give them credit for it. Both Jobs and Gates are the poster boys for these psychological disorders. They have successfully supplanted themselves as the greatest inventors of the 20th century, which could not be farther from the truth.

Computer technology has created an entire field of psychopaths who see the world as their personal petri dish, a bunch of 1s and 0s with inputs and outputs that they control. They truly do see themselves as Gods who are impervious to the flaws of humanity with superior knowledge of the language of the universe. For those that do not have access to these skills, they are useless eaters–provide them with an income, food and shelter, but never let them out of the cage.

Jobs failed to succeed past the laws of nature when he died from pancreatic cancer in 2011. For other technocrats, they saw this event as a flaw in the human condition. With our technology, why can’t we cheat death? The transhumanism movement is the personification of this mentality, where artificial intelligence and biology merge to help humans avoid their inevitable demise. Of course, those who hold these beliefs must find other like-minded folks to reach their goal of invincibility. Psychopaths will undoubtedly attract other psychopaths.

Researcher and corporate psychologist Simon Sinek has astutely pointed out in his talks that society as a whole has become physically addicted to technology. “Every time we get a “like,” every time we hear that text message sound, we get a hit of dopamine. We are a bunch of dopamine addicts.” We are self-absorbed in our own artificial worlds that lack true human connections. We are addicted to our phones, and we are addicted to pornography on the internet.

Look at the world that Bill Gates and Steve jobs have created:


With these ideas in mind, what could the designers of these systems be addicted to? What kind of lifestyles do they lead?

The best source of information for this question would undeniably be now dead pedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein, who was clearly building up a cache of blackmail against world leaders, businessmen, and other prominent folks. According to the NY Times, Epstein had hoped to “seed the world with his DNA at his ranch in New Mexico,” and heavily supported the transhumanism movement, which is “the science of improving the human population through technologies like genetic engineering and artificial intelligence.” Even the NY times recognizes its implied connections to the eugenics movement of the early 20th century that helped give rise to ideologies like National Socialism in Germany.

Bill Gates’ foundation worked regularly with Epstein to create new “charitable organizations.”


During these perilous times, we must question supposed “geniuses” offering their support, when in reality they may perceive the COVID-19 pandemic as a “crisis that they cannot let go to waste.” The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation’s support of deadly polio vaccines and other eugenics programs, as well as support of characters like Jeffrey Epstein, paints a completely different picture than what is being portrayed on the mainstream media. Gates had already been planning on a pandemic in Oct 2019 with Event 201, and also has the CDC’s Dr. Fauci on his payroll with multiple grants received from Gates’ foundation to organizations Fauci is affiliated with.  The NIH sent $3.7 million in funding to the Wuhan lab in China, specifically for studying gain of function in Coronaviruses under the Obama administration with guidance from Fauci’s NAIH. 

Regardless of the science, it is time for the American people to question those who have successfully destroyed the Bill of Rights over a leaked virus that THEY helped spread.

When you hear Bill Gates calling for more quarantines and vaccinations that he will likely profit from, remember that he likely enjoys screwing little boys at Epstein’s private island and foresees a future where humans merge with A.I. for access to their own version of “the fountain of youth.” As for the rest of us, enjoy the vaccines!

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