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Blue Lies Matter, Episode V: “I’m shooting him. I need some paid vacation.”

Greeley, Colorado (Conservatarian Press) –  Colorado news affiliate FOX-KDVR has reported that a federal lawsuit was filed against the Greeley Police Department, Weld County Sheriff’s office, and the LaSalle Police Department for harassing and terrorizing a member of the Hell’s Angel biker group that has strong roots in Northern Colorado.

The lawsuit alleges that a La Salles police officer pulled over Anthony Mills for speeding during a 2018 traffic stop solely because Anthony was seen wearing Hell’s Angel attire. At one point during the 90-minute arrest, an officer is allegedly heard saying “I’m shooting him. I need some paid vacation.” The officers continued to state their hatred for the Hell’s Angels group throughout the entire ordeal and also went as far as turning off their body cameras as they knew they were engaged in unlawful behavior.

These types of lawsuits are not filed without proper vetting of Mill’s testimony. Although the officers discussed turning their body cameras off, it appears one officer did not do so and there is footage of the entire altercation. If the lawsuit alleges that officers are heard on video saying these things, it is likely that is exactly what happened. Video footage does not lie.

This is another example of Northern Colorado Sheriffs ignoring their oath to the U.S. Constitution and the Colorado Constitution. Although Colorado conservatives claim Northern Colorado is still a bastion for liberty, the evidence shows otherwise. For the most part, Colorado police statewide have shown that they do not care about the U.S. Constitution, they only care about enforcing their will on the People of Colorado.

The Hell’s Angels have a controversial history in Colorado. In 2019, the ATF and Denver Police raided a purported Hell’s Angel member’s home and confiscated weapons and drugs, alleging that they were involved in an organized crime ring. The Hell’s Angels have constantly been infiltrated by FBI informants and provocateurs.  Knowing the sordid history of the FBI staging terrorist attacks, it is hard to look at these cases without skepticism. In reality, the biker gang is both a group of bikers looking to support each other as well as sporadic groups of bad actors taking advantage of the funding and organization of the group for their own interests. Each sect acts differently. Regardless, both gangs—police departments and the Hell’s angels, prove that consolidation of power and increased control over our daily lives has led to thriving black markets where roving gangs work to avert the power monopoly that government has on all of us.

Murderers, gang-members, and thieves all deserve due process. If they do not receive it, law-abiding citizens will lose their rights as well.

You can read the entire complaint here.


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