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2019 Year in Review: The Top 5 Articles

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Without a doubt, my expectations were exceeded this past year for The Conservatarian Press. In the latter part of the year, we surpassed my traffic goals by 400%. We were able to gather 85% of my goal for 100 subscriptions to have a successful book launch for Californication: The Rise of the American Technocracy. I have decided to expand on that goal; after further review of the site’s traffic data, I know it is necessary to gather 200 total email subscriptions before I can launch the book. That is our goal for the start of 2020, and we are hoping to reach this achievement in the Spring of that year. With that being said, let’s take a look at the top 5 articles in total visitor numbers for 2019! 

  1. The Top 5 Ways California Culture is Destroying Colorado This article uplifted The Conservatarian Press to new heights! At the start of 2019, it was my goal to reach 10,000 site visitors by the end of the year. After Facebook finally decided to let us create a page for the site, we were able to share this article in a private group of passionate Colorado Trump supporters who then chose to share this article everywhere they could. After the first day, the site has amassed over 1000 site visitors, the most traffic in a single day. For a week and a half straight, every day set a new traffic record. After the end of the viral outbreak, the article had gathered over 38,000 visitors. Without a doubt, this outcome could only have occurred with the help of grassroots supporters like you!
  2. Conspiracy of Silence Episode I, Hit-piece on Leonardo DiCaprio and Brian Peck Before the viral outbreak of the California Culture article, this article which kicked off the Conspiracy of Silence series gathered the most attention from outside traffic sources. In other words, people were directly searching for this story about Brian Peck and his run-ins with Leonardo DiCaprio early on in his career. I am sure a lot of this attention was due to the fact many fans of Leo were curious about this relationship (and praying that Leonardo was no way in involved, which is currently the case, as all allegations focus on Peck–Leo’s relationship with him is simply uncomfortable and any assumptions are pure conjecture.) The article served its purpose—it places the spotlight on Hollywood’s culture of pedophilia and the hit documentary “An Open Secret,” which was first to reveal the awkward relationship between Peck and his child actor pals and the charges against him.
  3. COnquered: Colorado’s New Legislature moves forward with extreme, Marxist Agenda. This article focused on the quick political transition Colorado has undergone since the Democrats have taken over all 3 branches of the state government. Many other patriots have asked me why many of my columns focus on Colorado politics. In fact, the reasoning will be presented in my upcoming book. I firmly believe Colorado is the ultimate testing ground for what bureaucrats failed to do in California. This is why the transition in Colorado has been swift—Colorado Republicans have had no time to reconcile with the fact that they have been outspent, out-organized, and out-maneuvered on every level. Obviously, Coloradans recognize that their state has been “COnquered” by California Marxists as the article spread like wildfire the day it was published.
  4. Conspiracy of Silence, Episode III, Michael Jackson’s alleged pedophilia and prostitution rings at the Reagan White House This article caught the attention of many Michael Jackson fans and Ronald Reagan supporters as it was such an odd headline/connection. Many forget the odd relationships formed throughout the ’80s. The spotlight was once again focused on Jackson’s pedophilia after the recent documentary from “new” accusers who had once kept their silence. I had come across a photo of Jackson and Reagan, and instantly remembered the documentary that this article series was named after, Conspiracy of Silence, which focused on alleged pedophilia child sex rings within the Republican Party. Purportedly, the scandal reached all the way to the White House, and of course, Bill Clinton is involved. I highly recommend reading this article, and the documentary that inspired it.
  5. The Groundbreaking University of Alaska Study which proved WTC 7 didn’t collapse by fire alone. Put the nail in the coffin on this debate. NIST lied when it claimed World Trade Center building 7 collapsed by fire alone, without the help of explosives. The University of Alaska conducted an exhaustive 4-year study that cost the department $400,000 to conduct. The study was also co-sponsored by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. In the end, they proved that this building could not have collapsed at freefall speed without taking out ALL columns exactly at the same time across multiple floors.

I cannot thank my supporters enough for spreading my articles and helping me craft narratives based upon the foundations of truth, rather than the subversive propaganda which has truly led to the destruction of America and other countries throughout the world. They have always said that those who write history “won.” Won all of the wars. The money. The narrative. Let us change that trend by reframing the discussion to: “those that write history are supported by the people who create it.”

Remember, it is not about left or right, but right or wrong.

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