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In order to stop the active coup against him, President Trump should release ALL of the files on America’s only unsolved Coup d’état

As we approach the 56th anniversary of the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy, it is a great time to examine how there is more than one way to remove a sitting President from office. In a twisted fate, prior to his assassination President John F. Kennedy insisted on screening the film “Seven Days in May” at the White House, a movie starring Kirk Douglas which depicted a Coup d’état orchestrated by the U.S. military against the President. In fact, JFK argued that the entire American public should see the film so that they could see firsthand the possibility of a military coup here in the United States. Only months later would JFK be shot in a rain of gunfire from multiple directions on his motorcade route through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Although there have been many comparisons between President Trump and other former Presidents, there is one Presidency that closely mirrors Trump’s tenure, and that is President John F. Kennedy’s short first term in office. In the end, we will find that the conclusions made by experts and key witnesses regarding the assassination of JFK should serve as a guide for President Donald Trump to avoid his own forced removal from the White House whether by impeachment, or something much worse. In order to protect his own presidency, Trump must release all of the documents pertaining to the JFK assassination as dictated by the law signed by H.W. Bush in 1991. Currently, President Trump has only released approximately 2500 documents, when thousands more exist. The release of the others has been delayed indefinitely due to national security.

President Kennedy and President Khrushchev were tasked with navigating through tensions that truly began right at the end of World War II. Kennedy was dealing with military and political leaders that felt a hard-lined approach to Russia was necessary to maintain America’s position in the world. Across the Pacific Ocean, Khrushchev was also dealing with Soviet hardliners who felt that the spread of communism was necessary for their country to maintain its power. Largely, the Soviet Union’s version of communism relied on a world-wide Marxist-Leninist perspective of the world whereby expansion was necessary for the ideology to thrive. The United States’ goal was to maintain the status quo that was developed under agreements made after World War II and to insure that Stalin’s Russia does not replace Hitler’s Germany in Europe. Whether it be the politburo or the Department of State, both leaders had to deal with intelligence communities that were making decisions without consulting with their leaders first. While Kennedy and Khrushchev were trying to avert World War III, the bureaucracies that existed beside and behind them were trying to start it.

Over fifty years later, the situations do not mirror each other identically, but they sure do rhyme. When considering the geopolitical atmosphere of the Cold War to present-day geopolitics, there are many comparisons to be made. Many contend that the relationship between the United States and Russia has returned to a colder ground. One could also make a solid argument that the Cold War truly never ended. Consider the fact that the United States’ wars in the Middle East are largely fought over highly contentious areas among the world’s superpowers. Both China and Russia have extracted precious resources from countries like Afghanistan, as well as sharing an intrinsic goal to keep Islamic extremism out of their allies’ countries and their own. The constant destabilization of the region has served as the ultimate playground for proxy wars among the top players. And, both countries are returning to their nationalistic roots. Many feel Putin is trying to restore the old Russian Empire, or at least maintain Russia’s sovereignty. Likewise, many supporters of President Trump argue that he is returning America to an age where policymaking focused more on domestic goals, rather than global objectives that demand America police the world. Kennedy and Khrushchev helped the world avoid a nuclear disaster with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Can President Trump and President Putin help America avoid an escalation with each other in the coming years?

In 1963, the intelligence community had just started growing its influence with the newly formed Federal Bureau of Investigation under J. Edgar Hoover and the Central Intelligence Agency which formed out of Office of Strategic Services in 1947. Almost immediately, we saw early on how elected officials had completely lost their control of the Federal government with the creation of these new institutions. This was especially true in the case of the failed invasion of Cuba with the Bay of Pigs incident, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and their collective attempts to overthrow governments across the world. Kennedy was not only facing enemies abroad with the threat of the spread of communism but also enemies at home with an overly zealous military-industrial complex who was riding high from a decisive victory in World War II. Those in charge of the military had perceived this victory as an opportunity to extend its power and influence across the world. Kennedy, on the other hand, felt that American idealism could be spread without enforcing a “Pax Americana,” where American influence is forced down the throats of other surrounding nations, instead of policymaking built on voluntary, stable arrangements. For this reason, Kennedy was brutally criticized for being “soft on communism.” In fact, he was labeled as a traitor. Meanwhile, the recently released documents from the National Archives prove both the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. were actively monitoring Lee Harvey Oswald and were well aware that he was meeting with Russian assassination experts in Mexico City.

The C.I.A. had planned to forcibly remove Fidel Castro from Cuba, and Kennedy had consistently tried to avoid this outcome. With the declassification of several important documents, we can now see that the intelligence community had no moral limits in several proposals to President Kennedy. The worst example of the C.I.A.’s brazen nature is in “Operation Northwoods,” a proposal that suggested that the agency blow up a U.S. commercial airliner full of college students in order to blame Cuba for the attack. The goal of the operation was to anger all Americans and help bolster support for a full-on invasion of Cuba. President Kennedy did not sign off on this proposal, among many other controversial actions proposed by the agency.

Only months later would Kennedy be forcibly removed from office with an exploding gunshot to the front of the head. When considering the evil acts proposed by the C.I.A. prior to JFK’s assassination, it is not hard to imagine that they would also consider removing their Commander-in-Chief in order to reach their goals. The conclusion made from the notorious Zapruder film that Kennedy was not only shot from the back, but also from the front is also supported by the many witnesses who reported seeing and hearing gunfire from the grassy knoll (to the front and right of Kennedy, seemingly where the shots had come from). This fact among many others is well documented in the film The Men Who Killed Kennedy and by many other scholars and specialists who have written books on the matter. Some of the key observations regarding the assassination and JFK’s Presidency tell us that dark forces are in control of the U.S. government, not the elected President or the elected Congress.


JFK receiving the infamous frontal, fatal headshot, likely from the “Grassy Knoll.”

“This must never happen to another U.S. President ever again.”

– President Trump, on the active coup against him.

President Trump has been compared to a handful of his predecessors. D’Nesh DiSouza compared Trump’s volatile Presidency to President Lincoln’s. Others have compared him to Andrew Jackson and his Indian tribe relocations to Trump’s enforcement of immigration laws. Immigration laws have been debated and enforced differently between Presidents since the existence of America. When examining historical and legal precedence, Trump’s proposed enforcement of immigration laws is no different than his predecessors, especially prior to Ted Kennedy’s Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1964. President Lincoln was removed from office via assassination, however, he was not removed from someone within his own government. Most historians would agree that he was not removed from traitors within his own administration.

In reality, there is only one Presidency that comes close to President Trump’s and that is John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy was accused of being “soft on communism,” for trying to maintain peaceful relations with Russia and navigate a permanent solution for Germany and other European nations. He was labeled a traitor by many right-wing elements–whom many would label as neoconservatives today. On the day of his assassination, “wanted for treason” flyers were being handed out in Dallas, Texas. Currently, President Trump has been wrongfully accused of “colluding with Russia” to win an election, where there was no proof of collusion, only a myriad of social media ads and manipulation of Twitter accounts by Russia, which is something both parties have been found guilty of doing in America. There was no evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing on the matter, as proven by the fraudulent Mueller Report. In fact, the entire allegation was a scam and a set-up. The Democrats have shown they will stop at nothing to upend the 2016 Presidential election of Donald J. Trump and are now forcing the issue with impeachment. All due to the fact that Donald Trump has successfully averted war with North Korea, Syria, and currently–Iran.

John F. Kennedy was a Democrat of old, and Donald Trump is much more of a centrist. Their social policies are not much different, however, they do differ slightly on tax policy and economic policy. Yet, for many, JFK was the last President who proudly understood the true concept of American exceptionalism: that we must lead by example, not by force. We must first maintain a strong domestic policy in order to maintain respect around the world. These are values that Presidents Donald Trump and John F. Kennedy both share. In an ironic twist of fate, President Trump has even focused his attention on reinvigorating the NASA program.

The two most important aspects of their Presidencies are the geopolitical environment they both had to navigate through, namely the United States’ relationship with Russia, and, their combative relationships with their own cabinets, the Pentagon, and State Department. President Eisenhower warned us of the deep state at the end of his Presidency, he was the first to publicly use the term “military-industrial complex.” Most historians agree that the Cold War could easily be summarized as one big arms race. President Trump is now navigating through the “2nd cold war,” in our renewed conflict with Russia and China, and the War on Terror. He is clearly trying to scale these wars, and eventually end them. His success can be found in no new wars–that is America’s sad reality.


President Nixon leaving the White House on his final day in office. (National Archives)

The elites that control the hidden arms of the U.S. government, the sovereign unaccountable, unelected bureaucracies have figured out that to remove a President that goes against their objectives, assassination is no longer the simple route. Political assassination is more effective. The impeachment of President Nixon was the first time we saw these hidden hands keep a President under their thumb. Nixon’s removal was at the hands of the same men who were involved in JFK’s assassination. E. Howard Hunt admitted to his involvement on his deathbed. People forget that it was Nixon who successfully got America out of Vietnam. It may not have been considered a feat then, but it surely is now. America has been in Afghanistan for almost 20 years—the Vietnam War lasted 9 years. Once again, we can debate the politics of these administrations all day. Let’s put it this way–any time a politician or political party is being accused of so by their opposition–who has admittedly done the same exact thing to enact their own political victory, the allegation should always be highly scrutinized. Today, a President can just use an illegal FISA declaration to spy on their opposition with high-tech computers. You no longer need to break into the hotel where party officials store their documents.


E. Howard Hunt, “investigator” for President Nixon, and C.I.A. agent, testifies at Watergate hearings.


Jeffrey Epstein’s painting of Bill Clinton in what many believe to be Monica Lewinsky’s dress. Many believe Epstein controlled Clinton with blackmail.

Impeachment does not always have to be about a President trying to enact the will of the people against an unruly, out-of-control, Federal Government. It could simply be that the President is not following the will of their true controllers. Or it could simply be one evil group of individuals trying to take power from another group of evil individuals. This is a simple, accurate characterization of the attempted removal of President Clinton. When we consider what we know about the history of the Clinton family and their relationship with one of their obvious handlers Jeffrey Epstein, this assertion is not far-fetched.

Sometimes, it is truly impossible to impeach a President due to their overall popularity. President Ronald Reagan had no problem getting elected and re-elected. He was truly a political outsider. The assassination attempt thwarted his ability to maintain his own objectives, which is why many of his policies were never truly enacted upon. Remember, one of his campaign promises was to get rid of the Department of Education and reduce the national debt. The bureaucratic state underneath him would not allow this to happen. Sound familiar?

The Democrats have tried their hardest to impugn President Trump’s reputation. He has definitely taken some hits, however, his brutal honesty and tough personality have allowed himself to push forward. It is obvious that he is not backing down, which should both embolden and frighten his supporters. This article is meant to be a warning: the Democrats and the Deep State will stop at nothing to remove this President from office. 


What would JFK’s Twitter account have said prior to his death?

For this reason, President Trump should rebuke their allegations by letting them know that he is well aware of exactly what they are willing to do to remove him. President Trump: in order to stop the active coup against you, you must shed light on America’s darkest moment, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It is time to release all of the documents. ALL OF THEM. What national security interests deserve protecting 50 plus years later? What sources and methods of the corrupt C.I.A. and F.B.I. matter more than justice for the Kennedy’s and the American people? Mr. President, you stated: “This must never happen to another American President ever again.” For this to be true, we must reveal the “sources and methods” that ultimately led to the death and removal of an American President. We must reveal the “sources and methods” of those waging the active illegal coup against you now. In order to save your own Presidency, you must release the documents, which will allow America to truly heal with an attempt at justice and your re-election in 2020. 

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