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Predictive Programming, Episode I: The X-Files Spin-off Series that predicted 9/11

Without a doubt, the pilot episode of the X-files spinoff “The Lone Gunmen” created by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan represents the personification of potential predictive programming in art and film. It dutifully proposes the ultimate paradox of whether art can create reality, vice versa, or both. Most would argue that both situations are true: sometimes art mirrors reality, and sometimes reality mirrors art. Yet, in this circumstance, some have perceived the episode as a warning to the American people of what the “deep state” is capable of. Others, say this is just another creative concoction out of Hollywood that could only exist in Hollywood. It is my opinion that some of these writers have crossed paths with individuals that have seen multiple war games, which is why it would not be surprising for this storyline to slip through the fingers of government officials. I believe the war game was real, and I also contend that the exact scenario that played out on TV on March 4, 2001, was fully realized on September 11th, 2001. To illustrate this opinion, let’s examine some of the facts surrounding the TV show that was doomed from the start.

We recommend watching the video in coordination with reading this article:

Plot points:

– The story surrounds 3 individuals who are close to a government plot to use hijacked airliners and blow them up over New York City.

– The plan evolves into one of a bombing to that of a hijacking whereby the hijackers use the planes themselves as bombs by ramming them into a large building.

– The 3 individuals who are trying to stop the top secret self-induced attack surmise that the plot could come not from the US government at large, but a small group within the government, within organizations like the CIA or the State Department. They also point out that planes do not have to have bombs on them to cause mass destruction and specifically mention using the jetliners as missiles. The man in the episode theorizing these points highlights the fact that “the cold war is over.” The other man asks, “so is this all about a new arms race?” And the man indicates “Yes.”

– When the terrorist plot unfolds, the specific target is the World Trade Center. The 3 main characters avert the terrorist plot by returning the planes to manual control, indicating that they had been hijacked remotely.

The first observation from the episode is that Condoleezza Rice is wrong once again: someone did theorize that jetliners could be used as missiles “on such a massive scale.” And yes, the Pentagon theorized this as well in a report released in the years leading up to 9/11.

The next observation is the seemingly outlandish scenario where jets could be controlled via remote control. Well, the jets we flew on then and now are all tested this way. Is it really that implausible when considering we all flew remote controlled planes as kids? The answer is obviously no. In the world we live in today, everyone would at least be asking the question. We are all well aware of unmanned aircraft and their capabilities. Isn’t it interesting that this technology was released just in time for the war on terror?

Finally, the part of the episode that sent shivers up my spine was the motive for these potential attacks. It is the motive that most “9/11 truthers” have alleged being the main reason for the attacks: to expand the police state, erode our rights at home, and place the U.S. into a new world arena in order to expand its power and influence. He basically outlines the main tenets of the “Project for a New American Century” in the first episode, in order for there to be a “New American Century” there must be some kind of “catalyzing event,” like a “New Pearl Harbor.”

Show creator Chris Carter specifically mentions the episode. He casually plays off the writing as a coincidence:

Some in the conspiracy theory realm allege that the elite “like to warn us of the events that they aim to enable in order to clear their conscience of what they are about to do.” This could be possible, as there are nearly hundreds of examples of potential warnings about 9/11 in film and TV. However, I find the answer to be more simple. I find the specifics in this episode to be very alarming. For anyone that understands how TV shows get their material, you would know that the US government is highly involved in every TV network, almost every TV show, or movie. This is especially true if the film involves depictions of the US military. “Hey, want to use our equipment? Great! We just ask that you put a few of these elements into the film.” It goes on from there. Whether this was someone looking at a leaked war game, or a US government official intentionally leaking it to potentially warn others, it is all conjecture at this point. Nevertheless, this episode should at least raise some serious questions in your mind about what actually happened on September 11th, 2001.

Screenshot of the Lone Gunmen IMDB profile

Editor’s Note: Please read our article about the purported “collapse” of World Trade Center 7 and the University of Alaska-Fairbanks’ groundbreaking and well-funded study that counters the official narrative from NIST.

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