Because it's not about left or right, it's about right or wrong.

The Conservatarian Press has launched a new site store!

After unsuccessful business relationships with the likes of Zazzle and Redbubble (censorship, lack of communication, overpriced products) I have moved the site store to TeeSpring. I have better product options to create with, and most importantly, the prices are much cheaper for you, a loyal follower and consumer. We have t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and canvas prints that support the cause for liberty with great designs from a professional graphic designer.

Link to Site Store

When you purchase our products, this is what you are funding: 

  • Website maintenance costs for domain/design services. 
  • Graphic artist programming (Adobe) for website, memes, articles, and books. 
  • Paid advertising for important articles that could change the course of future elections and help craft the narrative for libertarians and conservatives moving forward. 
  • Donations to other conservatarian websites and influencers of which we will announce when donations are made, while also offering complimentary promotional services for like-minded individuals. 
  • Donations to charitable causes, of which we will announce when donations are made. 

We also have an important goal of becoming verified members on GAB and MINDS, both of which cost significant funds. 

Over the last 2 years, I have spent hundreds of hours on my articles and my upcoming book, Californication: The Rise of the American TechnocracyUltimately, the success of alternative media and The Conservatarian Press is dependent on you, the reader and activist. We depend on your donations and purchases to thrive. We are very close to being able to take our site to the next level, but we truly do need your support. I am continually updating our products, as we have yet to make one sale yet (no joke, not one sale.) We understand that this is a free-market situation, which is why I am constantly working on my skills for new designs. However, we have endured censorship from big tech on a massive scale, solely due to the fact that I chose to brand my degree in history and my perspective with this site. Hopefully with TeeSpring’s lower pricing and more designs, the support will begin to blossom.

With that being said, thank you for reading my articles. I hope we can continue to grow as a Conservatarian community, and I hope that you are finding value with my site.

For Liberty,

The Last Historian

Link to Site Store

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