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You can’t have it both ways: why conservatives and Donald Trump are dead wrong when it comes to their view of law enforcement.

Like most Conservatarians, I am an avid supporter of President Trump. However, there is something about him–and the majority of all Republicans–that absolutely drives me insane. When speaking to his supporters at his large, boisterous rallies, Trump consistently promotes his appointees and other Republicans as “strong supporters of law enforcement, and the 2nd amendment.” Whether he believes this or not, it is honestly hard to say. I do believe Trump recognizes the overall premise of a “good guy with a gun.” On the other hand, he has approved more gun control legislation than any other President since Bill Clinton. Here is my problem: when considering today’s legal environment nationwide, it is problematic to state that you support law enforcement and the 2nd amendment or the concept of limited government in the same sentence when the government is no longer limited. Let’s examine the reasons why.

  1. This is the most important ideological fallacy within the Republican party. Republicans tell us that they believe there are “too many laws,” that “bureaucracy has over-extended itself and many institutions and programs are completely unconstitutional.” You cannot state that you believe there are too many laws, while also blindly supporting law enforcement officers who are tasked with enforcing these unconstitutional laws while simultaneously swearing an oath to protect the Constitution. Through and through, it is completely illogical and paradoxical.
  2. There ARE too many laws and illegal practices like civil asset forfeiture. We regulate and control everything in our society, and many constitutional scholars argue that there are multiple bureaucratic institutions that shouldn’t exist at all. At a minimum, they should be reduced to advisory boards to Congress with no regulatory power whatsoever. In America, it is not an exaggeration to say that every citizen is a felon at some point in their life. Former Wallstreet Journal and current Newsguard journalist L. Gordon Crovitz contend that the average American commits 3 felonies a day!  Civil asset forfeiture is another process enacted by law enforcement whereby citizens can have their property taken merely on an allegation of a crime, without any due process whatsoever. There are many examples of abuse of this practice nationwide. One cannot support the concept of limited government on one hand, while also blindly supporting law enforcement on the other. Our sources also tell us that believing that “there are too many laws” is listed as a “mental health problem” among many police departments and probation departments. No problems there!
  3. Although Sheriffs claim that they will not enforce unconstitutional gun laws, yet they still do. We have already heard of Red Flag Gun law deaths, where people have refused to give up their firearms and end up on the wrong end of a gun barrel with a police officer. But, even before the recent trend to pass these unconstitutional gun seizure laws, Sheriffs have been enforcing illegal gun restrictions en masse. Consider the felony menacing law, which is written in a way that any prosecutor or Judge could use the law to punish the concept of self-defense. If you use any inanimate object (and of course, a gun) in a “menacing manner intended to threaten harm,” you could be charged. I think it is fair to say that most people “intend to threaten harm” if they feel they are in a threatening situation. In one case, a man was charged with menacing for threatening his wife by throwing a hamburger at her. A hamburger!

Donald Trump’s speech at NRA, a large collection of “gun rights” supporters who are mostly law enforcement and former military members who actually are the ones enforcing unconstitutional gun laws. Maybe they just believe in gun rights for law enforcement? 

Michael Savage’s Twitter feed is littered with his blatant hypocrisy and contradictions: 


Mr. Savage: the truth is that you cannot have it both ways.


Michael supports the first amendment….we think.


Red Flag laws are unconstitutional and your beloved police are enforcing them. Property and rights taken with a mere accusation and no due process.


I thought you supported the First Amendment, Michael?


Michael pumping up the mass shooting rhetoric.


Guns seized by Republican cops, that is the reality in America.


No comment on this one.


If cops are enforcing illegal laws, who are the real thugs roaming the streets?

When viewing the situation objectively there is another problem in America that is only exacerbating the problematic relationship that citizens have with our local police departments. The Marxist goal to rip society at its seams includes a plan to inject social unrest among the citizenry, inhibiting the ability for law enforcement to focus on legitimate crimes. Gang violence and the overall lack of respect for law enforcement has led to increased violence with our police officers. So, the Republicans, who understand that law and order are necessary for society, will cling to their cops, and the Democrats, who want to ensure that society is divided demographically, have chosen to support the cancerous gang culture, which affects us all. Both sides are focusing on the cancerous elements of our society that offer no real solutions and will not return us to a society based on inalienable rights and the rule of law.

You will see Michael Savage and other Conservative pundits report on attacks on police officers. What you will not see is him report on unconstitutional gun seizures or police brutality as they enforce illegal and unconstitutional drug laws passed by President Nixon and crafted by the United Nations in 1974. You will not see Republicans acknowledge the fact every police and sheriff’s department is enforcing unconstitutional laws nationwide. You will not see Republicans acknowledge the fact that police had no problem enforcing foreclosures and asset seizures in 2008, while the corrupt bankers who set up a nationwide derivatives Ponzi scheme got bonuses instead of jail sentences.

You can’t have it both ways. Either you support limited government, or you do not. It is completely hypocritical to blindly support those who are enforcing oppressive laws across the country in every municipality, county, city, and state. It is also hypocritical to promote a future utopia under Marxism by promoting a culture that divides people rather than uniting them. In order for us to move forward as a society, we must recognize that “blue lives” will begin to matter when they enforce laws that matter and protect rights that matter. 

We have seen prominent Republicans line up for new gun control legislation. In reality, this is the true position of the Republican Party. To those of you who are enforcing these laws while also claiming to be a 2nd amendment supporter and conservative, you are a lying impostor who needs to look in the mirror and realize that you are not protecting our freedom, you are inhibiting it. In reality, that thin blue line does not protect us all–it divides us all.

Be sure to follow our “Blue Lies Matter” series that focuses on police corruption and hypocrisy.

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