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John Stossel breaks down every 2020 Presidential candidate’s proposed spending plans in a 7-Minute Video. A Must Watch!

I will never forget my high school civics class during my senior year in 2005-06. Mr. Martinez always did a great job teaching the Constitution and he always made an effort to connect these values to real-life situations. If he didn’t have a lesson plan, he would always throw on an episode of John Stossel’s TV show (For some reason, I always remember the cost of coffee episode, maybe it’s because I’m an addict?) Stossel always did a great job of putting policy that only exists on paper into action on the streets. He found ways to show you that policymakers can and do have an impact on your daily life.

I owe my great credit score to Mr. Martinez and John Stossel. They taught me that fiscal responsibility was important. Consider that in this video Stossel points out that if the debt were added to every American’s balance sheet, it would equate to $150,000 per taxpayer. Imagine: what would your individual credit score be if you had an additional $150,000 in debt? I’m sure it would cause serious problems for you.

Stossel and his team added up the cost for every major 2020 Presidential candidate’s spending plans, and yes, Donald Trump is included. Although he is not perfect, the numbers will show that Donald Trump is the people’s candidate in 2020, especially if you believe in fiscal responsibility.

Watch the video from Stossel’s Twitter feed below: 

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