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Emergency Alert: Mass Censorship push against Conservatarian Press, Check your Spam Folder.

In the last few months have seen a significant decline in traffic and some very odd occurrences that lead me to believe we are under some sort of online attack. In two instances, Twitter put me on 12 hour holds for reported tweets that supposedly violate their user policy. That is not the crazy part–the report claims that I reported it myself! I have also noticed that 70% of our email subscribers are not opening emails–this is a ridiculously high number for people who volunteered their information online. After checking my own email test, I confirmed that Google’s GMAIL is automatically sending our emails to your SPAM folder. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS AND ENSURE THAT OUR EMAILS ARE NOT BEING SENT THERE. 

Another note: when you open our email newsletter, the increased open rate decreases the likelihood that our emails will be sent to SPAM. That is just how the internet works, unfortunately.

I have previously documented the censorship I have endured, and the long road to success that I am still traveling. We also had several copyright claims against our T-shirts from the NBA for criticizing Lebron and had to do major modifications to our images for the t-shirts to be approved. Many of these claims were egregious and erroneous–I believe we changed the images enough that they were covered under protected speech. Either way, we found a workaround.

The point is, I cannot do this alone. I need your help financially, and I need you to share articles that you feel are valuable to the cause for liberty. By making donations and purchasing our products (which truthfully has yet to happen) we will be able to purchase advertising for our articles to increase our footprint and make a true difference in American society.

Thank you for your continued support. For Liberty,

The Last Historian

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