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Blue Lies Matter, Episode III: Aurora, Colorado Police Officer fires shots into man’s home, but why?

It sounds like Colorado resident Andrew Huff had a rough night. Apparently, he had a dispute with a former roommate earlier in the evening–a potential shoving matching from the sounds of it. The police showed up later to investigate, and Huff was inside his home, purportedly already on edge from threats from the roommate earlier that day. According to Huff, the police did not knock on the door but approached the house from all sides, and he was not sure who was closing in on his home. Huff grabbed a shotgun and peered out the window, which resulted in him getting shot by a police officer standing outside. Huff was charged with felony menacing, 2nd, and 3rd-degree assault.

To provide insight on the charges, 2nd and 3rd-degree assault are low-level assault charges, likely a hit/shove/kick. Huff’s lawyer is contending that the police officer should be charged for shooting into the home.

Lawyers do not typically advise their clients to go public unless they have a clear case of what happened either from witness testimony or video evidence. Although the public has not seen it, Huff’s attorney has likely already seen the recordings.

If the original call was simply for a fight between roommates, there is no reason that officers could not have approached the home in a normal manner. My suspicions are that the roommate told the officers that Huff was “heavily armed” which resulted in the SWAT-like approach to the home in the middle of the night. 

Either way, this case smells of a trigger-happy officer in a town that is surrounded by active military members who are used to battle zones instead of city streets. Why were there no obvious commands to put down the weapon? Why was there no attempt to identify themselves as police officers? According to the news report, the reporting officers “assumed” that Huff knew they were cops (in the middle of the night.)

Huff appears to be honest in his story. In a state that is hell-bent on destroying the 2nd amendment and giving way too much power for gun confiscation by vengeful roommates, I will give the benefit of doubt to Huff as we wait for the bodycam footage to be released. Huff has a severed rectum and now needs a colostomy bag for at least 1 year. His life will be changed forever.

This is another example of punishing the concept of self-defense and property rights. The menacing law is truly the nation’s first “red flag law” which is specifically written to inhibit the right of self-defense. The Conservatarian Press will provide updates on this story as more information is released.

Original Story from KDVR

Update: More details have revealed that Huff was shot in the back, and the defense attorney is alleging the officers charged him to cover up their own crimes. 


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