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Conspiracy of Silence, Episode VI: Hickenlooper Senate campaign has financial ties to former Epstein friend, Goldman Sachs Executive, and CFR Member Bob Hurst

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is already showing his hand as a marked man for corruption two months into his run for the U.S. Senate. Most Coloradans who have been paying attention know that Hick was one of the most corrupt governors that Colorado has ever seen. So, it is not surprising to know that he is receiving support from a man who has a questionable past.

The Denver Post’s Justin Wingerter reports that Bob Hurst hosted an event this September in Aspen at his home for John Hickenlooper’s Senate campaign. At the heart of Hurst’s background is pure elitism. He spent 30 years at Goldman Sachs before retiring as vice chairman in 2004. Currently, he is a vice chairman at Crestview advisors, a private equity firm also founded by former Goldman Sachs executives.

The Post article continues to point out that in 2002, Hurst was one of many luxury art buyers that were investigated for not paying sales taxes on their purchases. Hurst was never charged but agreed to pay $2 million in back taxes. His background only gets worse. Hurst also turned up in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book who was allegedly running an elite pedophilia blackmail network for the government.

Wingerter finalizes by pointing out Hurst’s extensive history in Colorado politics:

– Hickenlooper appointed Hurst to the Colorado Economic Development Commission in 2017

– He and his wife, Soledad, are a power couple in Aspen, who are heavily involved in the Aspen Music Festival (which turned into an anti-Trump fest in front of many Trump-supporting donors in 2017.)

– After the 9/11 terror attacks, he founded the 9/11 United Services Group which coordinates providing aid to the victims of the attacks. We did find that Charity Navigator, a charity accountability site, did not provide a rating due to the fact the organization’s specific IRS filing does require them to publicly file their records. Specifically, they are “not required to file a form 990.” Considering that his close friend Hillary Clinton’s foundation has been under suspicion for fraud for quite some time, this is an interesting observation.

– He cost Pitkin county residents thousands in security expenses for a Hillary Clinton campaign event. Once again, another example of defrauding people en masse.

The Post article did reveal that Hurst denied any knowledge of Epstein’s alleged behavior and cut ties with him in 2006 (the exact year that he was initially charged with sex crimes.)

Quite alarmingly, Bob is also an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a globalist think-tank known for setting foreign policies for multiple nations and involved in efforts to wage wars across the Middle East and elsewhere.

Regardless of Hurst’s true relationship with Epstein, the fundraising effort for Hickenlooper and the Democrats continues to resemble that of an evil cabal out of a James Bond film. We all know of Hickenlooper’s attendance at Bilderberg in 2018. At a minimum, he is receiving support from a verified tax-cheat, which is ironic considering that the Democratic platform is based upon raising everyone’s taxes. We will be examining Hickenlooper’s tenure in the coming months to help Colorado make the right decisions come election time (although we know that is truly doubtful, as Colorado has already been conquered by Democrats.)


Former Goldman Sachs executive hosts Hickenlooper fundraiser in Aspen

Breaking: Epstein Scandal to Bring Down CFR / Trilateralist Pedophile Ring

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