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The Anti-Donald Trump scene in Justice League that we all missed

Did Joss Whedon take a shot at Donald Trump and his supporters in the opening scene of Justice League? It sure does look like it! In the opening scene of his follow-up to Batman vs. Superman, the shot pans the streets of New York as we see a world without Superman. The scene is almost pre-apocalyptic, with citizens lashing out at each other across the city. There is one shot in particular that sticks out the most. A bald white man in a black hoody is seen screaming at a Muslim woman who owns a local shop. I remembered this scene specifically due to the fact it was some of the most blatant political propaganda I’ve ever seen in a film. Shocker, another white male attacking a person of color on screen. Yet, I knew there had to be more.

I watched the scene again, and found something a bit more obvious. The back of the white supremacist’s hoodie clearly reads: “MAGA HORDE.” There is no doubt this is a direct reference to President Donald Trump and his supporters. The production team made the logo to look like the Megadeth band logo to hide its true meaning.

“Maga Horde” is clearly visible on the man’s hoodie.

Logo for the rock band Megadeth, of which the design was modeled after

Watch the scene and view the focused images to see the symbolism for yourself.

Clearly, “MAGA” is a reference to the commonly used acronym among Trump supporters and haters alike which stands for “Make America Great Again.” According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the second term “horde” is defined as: a large unorganized group of individuals, a teeming crowd or throng. Both Merriam Webster and use the term with negative connotations: a “horde of peasants, or a “horde of prisoners,” are two o the listed examples. Some of the synonyms for “horde” include: army, crowd, mass, mob, and gang.

It is pretty shameful to place the creators of Superman next to disgusting political propaganda.

It is undeniable that this symbolism is a direct attack on President Trump and his supporters. It follows the same Democrat-Marxist theme that all Trump supporters are rabid racists waiting to attack any person of color that they see in public. In reality, this is a disgusting perversion of the truth. Donald Trump has never made one statement as a candidate or as President that could be perceived as racist. In fact, one would have to grossly distort his words or take them out of context to make the bold claim that Trump was a racist. For a President that worked hard on criminal justice reform that largely benefited the African-American communities throughout America, it is hard to paint him as a racist without coming off as a complete, bold-faced liar.

Hate groups do exist in America. There are white supremacist groups. Black supremacist groups. Hispanic supremacist groups, and so on. The false accusation that all Trump supporters are racists only creates new racial divisions, reinvigorates old ones, and is creating a situation that America may not be able to come back from. You are the ones stoking the flames of fear and hate that is slowly but surely driving America mad. You are the ones reinvigorating the tensions that pushed America into war with each other many years ago. False historical narratives are dangerous, and unfortunately, there is no Superman here to save us.

Beware of predictive programming and political propaganda hidden in the majority of all films and television shows, especially if they originated out of Hollywood. Many have pointed out that this scene was part of Whedon’s reshoots. If it is part of Snyder’s cut, I hope that it was added in post-production without his knowledge. If not, we would love to know if Snyder is aware of this clip in his film, and if he knows of its origins.

It makes complete sense that this would be Whedon’s doing. He had a notable role in the Marvel franchise, who is notorious for pushing their social justice warrior agenda in all of their movies. His Twitter account is littered with Marxist, anti-American propaganda. Through and through, the goal of cultural Marxism is to use race and any other demographic categories to divide and conquer America with a communist socioeconomic agenda. Whedon has played an essential role in the implementation of this plan through the infiltration of popular culture mediums.

Everybody knows that the storm is coming, the storm that YOU all created.

If you have noticed any other political propaganda in Justice League, another film, or TV show, be sure to email us at:

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