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Republicans across America line up for gun confiscation

I knew right away that it wasn’t going to be a good week for gun rights in America after a Colorado District Attorney came out with obvious support for more gun control after the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. In recent tweets, Arapahoe County District Attorney and failed gubernatorial candidate George Brauchler subtly endorsed Colorado’s 15-round magazine restriction law by comparing the Dayton, Ohio shooting to the Aurora, Colorado shooting. The tweets mentioned his proposal for further government intervention to stop mass shootings. His proposal specifically focused on illegal gun sales. In Colorado, private transactions between family members and friends must be approved by the government. So far, numbers are exceedingly low in participation. He also mentioned enforcing against illegal gun sales to felons, and with the anti-self-defense menacing law, it is easy for gun owners to become criminals in an instant. Although there are differences between his proposal and Democrat proposals, his proposal still leans on the concept that government can regulate morality. The District Attorney claims to be a Republican.

For Coloradans, this is nothing new. Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock endorsed the passage of a “red flag law” which effectively allows for friends, family members, and contrary to popular belief—your neighbors, to help the police confiscate your guns without any due process. In my view, it was a sign of things to come. I firmly believe that a cohesive and premeditated plan for gun confiscation has been directed from both the Democrat and Republican parties.


Brauchler truly feels that government is the solution to America’s mass shooting epidemic.


Brauchler compares the Dayton shooting to the Aurora shooting. With Colorado’s magazine restriction, there is an obvious insinuation that this law is legal and necessary.

There is a reason for Colorado politicians to be so outspoken on the dual issues of gun control and gun rights. In reality, Colorado was chosen, whether a consequence of conspiracy or coincidence, to lead the charge on nationwide gun control. The state arguably has the strongest 2nd amendment-like clause in their constitution when compared to the remaining states in the Union. And they also have experienced their fair share of gun violence, with the infamous Columbine High School and Aurora shootings. The end result? Colorado was one of the first states to pass a magazine round restriction. Later, they were also one of the first states to pass “red flag” legislation, which allows the government to confiscate someone’s guns on the basis of merely an allegation without any respect for Constitutionally-mandated due process. So, when I saw Republican leaders in Colorado ignoring the will of their constituency by supporting more gun control, it was obvious as to the next steps that the national party would take. They only needed the right crisis.

Since President Trump has taken office, his administration has passed more gun control since President Bill Clinton, a former ally of Trump. Clinton helped pass the 1994 assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. In fact, President Trump once supported this ban, a policy opinion he has since reversed in advance of his 2016 Presidential run. Trump did not veto the controversial bump-stock ban, a reaction to the notoriously questionable Las Vegas shooting.He also has vocally supported raising the age limits for firearms purchases and a federal ban on gun silencers.

Now, in the wake of the politically motivated El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio mass shootings, President Trump has now come out in support of a universal background check system and “red flag” legislation. After his vocal support, the “Trump Train” followed suit. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to state that the majority of his supporters actually came out in support of more gun control! Even Ann Coulter voiced her support!


Donald Trump also came out in support of universal background checks, which would undoubtedly result in a gun registration system. Gun purchases already require FBI background check and state investigations in most states.

Why would Donald Trump violently flip-flop on a policy that is arguably more important to his supporters than any other issue? Why would he give more political capital to his political opponents, rather than his loyal voting base? More importantly, why would Donald Trump threaten the prospect of his re-election in 2020?

As of now, I can only see one reason. He actually believes he can change the core principles of the Republican party. The typical fake Republicans who have consistently dominated the party for over 40 years have now placed a stranglehold on the Conservatarian elements within the party. This was obvious in the election meddling that occurred at the primary level with Ron Paul’s candidacy in 2012. The same Republicans who perpetuated that farce are the same ones who have put us in unconstitutional wars in the Middle East, the same ones who have ripped our Constitution to shreds with illegal wiretapping and illegal spying courts, the same Republicans who helped ship our jobs overseas, the same Republicans who have colluded with Democrats on the national budget. Now, these fake Republicans are on board for unconstitutional gun control. In other words, they represent the faction of the party that is controlled by the economic elite in coordination with the upper echelons of the Democratic Party. Apparently, this faction is now being led by President Trump to pass more unconstitutional gun laws. The writing is on the wall–the neoconservatives now control the Republican party and Trump may be the Trojan horse that we all feared.




Marco Rubio is confident his bill will pass with the President’s support.

Still reading? Did I lose you yet? Take off your Trump-obsession glasses, and open your mind for a moment. Ask yourself one simple question: what would you do if you were part of the “elite” and wanted to quell the economic, political, and cultural dysfunction in America? In my opinion, you would create two candidates: one to appease the leftist factions of America, and one to appease those upset with the previous President’s policies. The ultimate objective is to grow the size of government. It cannot be done at once; it must be done incrementally. In order to grow the size of government, you must reduce the role of the individual. Gun control also must be passed incrementally to maintain the “frog boiling in water” effect. You must change the party that opposes the elite’s agenda the most. If you see the world as I do, this is the conservative faction of America, and it must be co-opted.

You give this group a bit of hope, a reason to maintain the current status-quo. “Well, we haven’t built any new sections of wall, but we are repairing many sections.” “Well, we didn’t get rid of the H1B visa program, but we did regulate it more.” “Well, we didn’t get rid of DACA, but we are proposing a ban on new arrivals and will offer a pathway to citizenship.” “Well, we banned bump stocks, but they are mostly useless and we didn’t ban any guns.” “Well, we want to ban silencers, but who needs those?” “Well, we want to ban magazines over 15 rounds, but why would you need that many rounds?” “Well, we want to confiscate guns from the mentally ill and ‘dangerous,’ we won’t confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens!” I hope you get the picture of what is coming next.

The picture that I just painted is a possibility. Yes, Trump has had several successes. However, many of his actions have been compromises on his own stated principles, and sometimes they prove that some of his campaign promises were blatant lies.

We must hold President Trump and the Republican Party accountable. Gun Owners of America has been raising the alarm consistently with any mention of new gun control measures. The National Rifle Association has finally joined the fight with Trump’s vocal support for magazine bans and red-flag laws. Through and through, these laws represent an outright attack on the United States Constitution and many state constitutions. A 15-round magazine restriction will effectively ban many guns on the market. Most gun owners know that there are situations where 15-rounds won’t cut it. Accuracy often goes out the window in a stressful situation. Red flag laws are open to corruption and misapplication of the law, as I have noted. Colorado’s mandates that any complaint to law enforcement from a close friend or immediate family member can confiscate someone’s guns for up to 365 days without any actual charges. A neighbor could easily make a false report to the police, and the police would then make the call. The majority of these proposals mirror each other.

President Trump cannot change the core values of the Republican party without dissuading and alienating many of the party’s most vocal supporters. Some of the most active Republicans truly promote conservative and libertarian values. By giving in to the Democrats and the corporate elite, he is ultimately donating his own political capital to his opposition. Unless he is expecting to gain the support of a new voting base to replace them, he may be in trouble in 2020 if he doesn’t veto the dystopian and tyrannical legislation that is on the table. I am not the only one who believes this. Vocal Trump supporter and radio host Michael Savage states it best: “This may be the last straw for many Trump supporters. No, they will not go out and vote for a Democrat. They will just stay home.” The differences between the “Make America Great Again” folks and the “Keep America Great” folks may divide Trump’s base to the point of no return.

“This may be the last straw for many Trump supporters. No, they will not go out and vote for a Democrat. They will just stay home.” – Michael Savage

Michael Savage Donald Trump

Michael Savage and Donald Trump Source: Facebook

As the NRA says, it is time that libertarians, conservatives, and REAL Republicans everywhere stand up and be counted. Recalls and ballot initiatives may not be enough. It may be time to march on Washington, and peacefully demand that our gun rights be restored and maintained. We cannot allow our gun rights to be torn apart piece by piece by the power of the bureaucratic machine.

The answer to 1984 is 1776. As Alex Jones infamously stated:

“1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms! Do you understand?!”


The Savage Nation Radio Show. August 6, 2019.,_2017-2020


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