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Trump Supporters: The battle between the MAGAs and KAGs. Why both groups must PERSIST!

I got into a discussion with a fellow Trump ally of mine, and we were discussing the President’s track record thus far. Without a doubt, this friend of mine is a rabid Trump supporter, he defends him no matter what, sometimes to a logical fault. We discussed the positive achievements he has had, and of course, his failures. For me, he has yet to receive a passing grade. I outlined my main reasons for not passing President Trump in Campaign Promises 101:

  1. Trump has yet to succeed on his main campaign promise to “Build the Wall,” and end DACA. Ultimately, I feel he has failed to adequately address the nation’s immigration crisis. However, this situation is currently evolving. The SCOTUS just approved $2.5 Billion from the Pentagon for building a large portion of the wall.
  2. President Trump promised to scale back and even end the H1B visa program. In reality, he has only tweaked it, with minor changes. 
  3. President Trump’s economy is unique, and I would not quite consider it a complete success. In reality, it is a “TBD” situation. Although unemployment rates are at historic lows, economic disparity in the market continues to persist. Incomes still have barely risen, and home ownership rates for our nation’s young adults are at lows never seen before. As the WSJ reports, “we have birthed a new generation of permanent renters.” The stock market that Trump touts all of the time does not necessarily reflect the situation at home. Homelessness is a problem in every major city. Regardless of the data, the evidence is apparent on the streets. To add to the argument that Trump has a peculiar economy, last year’s GDP was lowered from 3 to 2.9%.  TrumpGDP
  4.  President Trump has approved more gun control measures than his predecessor, Obama. Trump had no problem supporting bans on bump stocks, and was also considering a ban on silencers. Why is this dangerous? Gun Owners of America has warned that it has opened the door to other gun control measures, such as magazine restrictions, which have been deemed constitutional by multiple state appeals courts, like Colorado.
  5. President Trump should have vetoed the massive $2.7 Trillion budget. After claiming that the previous budget of $1.3 trillion was something he “did not want to sign,” signing a budget this large is completely hypocritical. We soon will spend more on our interest on debt than national defense spending.  Michael Savage noted in his podcast this past week that the budget was a good reason for people to not vote in the next election. He did not endorse this necessarily, but did say that it was a direct affront to fiscal conservatives who had voted for him in 2016. He recognized that we were on a road to nowhere, simply kicking the can down the road for the next generation.

Although Trump has had many failures, he has had a few successes that still put him above every President in the last 40 years. He successfully got us out of the disastrous Transpacific Partnership, which would continue to outsource our jobs to Asia. He has nominated several conservative Supreme Court Justices to the bench, while also appointing many Federal judges. He has successfully avoided war with Syria, North Korea, and Iran (so far.) He has consistently questioned the actions of the Federal Reserve, which is more than we can say about any other President. He has worked hard to negotiate on behalf of the American people with a new deal with Canada and Mexico, and tariff negotiating.

With the Marxist circus on the other side of the aisle, America has no other choice but to vote for President Trump in 2020. Every single Democrat candidate voted to pay for healthcare for illegal immigrants. Multiple candidates support a universal income. Multiple candidates support a “green new deal,” which is really just a carbon-tax ponzi scheme. Multiple candidates support wiping out college student loan debt without compensating those who have paid off their loans in full. With a country that is 22 trillion in debt, we can no longer afford blatant financial ruin. At least with Donald Trump, you have a mirage of fiscal responsibility with some basis in economic reality. At least he his compassionate enough to lie to us, instead of arguing for open economic and cultural insanity.

For these reasons, a “Make America Great Again” supporter like myself has no problem aligning with the “Keep America Great” folks. There is a difference. In my opinion, one group is holding Trump accountable. Ann Coulter is a great example–she has not let Trump off the hook with building the wall and other immigration policies. The other group may be giving Trump credit where it is not due. By stating “Keep America Great” you are insinuating that all campaign promises were met, and our work here is done. That is simply not the case. Yet, they are not arguing for destructive cultural Marxism, or threatening to destroy the American way of life altogether. For these reasons, both the Ann Coulters and Charlie Kirks of the world must unite on some kind of front. We must not give up on Trump’s original campaign promises, even if he has. We must see it through. We must leave a historical record that we tried to save the country from financial, societal, and cultural ruin. After all, there is still time for Trump to complete his goals in the second term, where every President has had more room to operate. We must PERSIST.

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Michael Savage show, July 25th, 2019.

2 Responses to “Trump Supporters: The battle between the MAGAs and KAGs. Why both groups must PERSIST!”

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    […] President Trump cannot change the core values of the Republican party without dissuading and alienating many of the party’s most vocal supporters. Some of the most active Republicans truly promote conservative and libertarian values. By giving in to the Democrats and the corporate elite, he is ultimately donating his own political capital to his opposition. Unless he is expecting to gain the support of a new voting base to replace them, he may be in trouble in 2020 if he doesn’t veto the dystopian and tyrannical legislation that is on the table. I am not the only one who believes this. Vocal Trump supporter and radio host Michael Savage states it best: “This may be the last straw for many Trump supporters. No, they will not go out and vote for a Democrat. They will just stay home.” The differences between the “Make America Great Again” folks and the “Keep America Great” fo… […]


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    […] As we approach the 2020 elections, let us not forget what is at stake. We must trust that President Trump will push back on more gun control measures, even though he has vocalized support for several unconstitutional policy proposals. On its face, the tent that he looks over represents the only party that stands up for 2nd amendment rights and the right to self-defense. We are all well aware of the hypocritical Republicans who say one thing and do another. Ultimately, we must focus on the first enemy, so that we have time to tackle the next. […]



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