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Conspiracy of Silence, Episode V: Oregon man charged with raping girl put in his custody by child welfare services

The Oregon-based Statesman Journal is reporting that one of Oregon’s govermnet- designated child care providers brutally raped a 7 year old girl for months. This is a pattern that has remained consistent ever since the state has been involved in family and child custody disputes. No matter the amount of oversight, the government designated child care facilities are constantly being infiltrated by pedophiles and those looking to traffic children into the child sex trade.

Ironically, the child was given to Eric Schrecengost, 37, after the Oregon Department of Human Services’ involvement in the child’s first run-in with pedophilia, likely from their first home. According to the report, child welfare caseworkers placed the child in Schrecengost’s custody last year after the child was purportedly in “harm’s way.”

It is clear that not even the heavy hand of government can help guide a child to a safe home. In fact, these agencies are often targets for those looking to control the child-sex trade, and this includes state workers. With elite pedophile networks run by the likes of billionaires like Jeffrey Epstein, it is no wonder that government agencies work hard to cover up the misdeeds perpetrated by their workers and leaders.

It is important that citizens recognize that government agencies are notorious for making the problem they are aiming to solve worse. These stories are often reported on, but do not make the headlines nearly as often as they should. Citizens must remain vigilant and work with their local community to insure all children are kept out of harm’s way, even if it is due to government involvement.

Read the original news report, here.


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