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President Donald Trump is failing to protect the American border and is complicit in America’s illegal immigration crisis.

“Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall!” is the chant that we all hear at every Trump rally. President Trump constantly retorts “we are building the wall, and it will be beautiful!” Well, so far, it seems that private contractors are having better success than the President. There has been plenty of misinformation out there–but the overall consensus is that Trump has only refurbished existing parts of the wall, and extended it in certain areas on a limited basis. That is not even the most important aspect of America’s illegal immigration problem. Most agree that the wall will be pointless if we keep the welfare programs in place–specifically DACA, which is extending de facto citizenship to a large swath of illegal immigrants who are attending our schools, our public and private universities, obtaining driver’s licenses, and even have access to medical care. At no cost to them. Why is President Trump failing so miserably on his promise to shore up our border? Here is a list of recent events that prove President Trump is not just failing to meet his promise, he is doing a worse job of protecting our border than his predecessors: 

  1. ICE claims more illegals were deported under Obama than President Trump. 

Trump has yet to reach the level of Obama’s annual deportation numbers. In 2012, Obama’s strongest year for deportations, Obama deported approximately 410,000 illegal immigrants. From 2015-2017, the numbers have hovered around 250,000. Keep in mind, that the number of illegal crossings has increased under Trump, so Trump supporters cannot claim that his policies are turning away migrants before they get here. In fact, it is the exact opposite. The NY post claims that these numbers have “not been seen in over a decade.”

2. President Trump could remove DACA NOW, but has left Obama’s executive order in place. 

DACA, or “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” is an executive order that has indefinitely delayed deportations for “children” who have come to the United States illegally. The Supreme Court ruled that Trump’s order to cancel the deferment was unconstitutional. Yet, most legal scholars agree that if it took an executive order to defer the enforcement action in the first place, the next President obviously has the right to rescind it. In reality, Obama’s original executive order was unconstitutional. It is time that President Trump takes a page out of President Andrew Jackson’s playbook. Jackson once defied the Supreme Court’s decision to allow Americans to encroach on Indian reservations without a license in Georgia. Jackson was quoted as stating:


President Andrew Jackson. Credit:


The Supreme Court’s decision was never enforced. It is within the full authority of the Executive branch to protect our sovereign borders. It is time President Trump recognize that the 9th Judicial district has blatantly endorsed lawlessness, and that in order to restore the rule of law, civil disobedience is now absolutely necessary. Let see the 9th district stop Trump and the military from protecting our border. And no Rand Paul, it is not a violation of Posse Commitatus. Our streets are not in Mexico.

3. There are multiple videos of illegal immigrants crossing the border over the wall, and under the wall. In other words, the approved designs are ineffective. 

Reports also state that the new privately-funded border wall in Arizona is already being compromised. There are just too many areas left un-attended.

“Regardless of what they build, they’re still coming in,” one resident said. “This is just political crap.” – Local Resident near US-Mexico border

4. Funding for border security is solely allocated for housing, relocating migrants across the country without deportations. 

ICE has requested resources to handle transporting over 60,000 illegal immigrants per year to various cities across the United States, where they will likely join the American welfare line. The border spending package presented in the Senate merely requests funding for “migrant aid,” but there is no mention of Trump’s wall, cancelling DACA, or stopping welfare for illegal immigrants. Just to pour salt on the wound, the House’s Homeland Security bill also provides “aid” for migrants, but does not mention any funding for Trump’s wall.

5. President Trump just caved on rounding up illegal immigrants throughout the country. 

Only a week after announcing his next Presidential run for 2020, President Trump issued an order for ICE to begin deportation raids throughout the country. Supposedly, the raid would have resulted in “millions” being deported. Trump abruptly cancelled the mission, under Nancy Pelosi’s recommendation.


President Trump spoke to thousands in FL, where his supporters once again chanted “Build the wall!” 

The fact of the matter is, Nancy Pelosi’s party has intentions to turn these illegal immigrants into voters, which is the true reason for providing driver’s licenses for them in states like California, Colorado, and now New York. Cowering to her constantly is not a form of negotiating. It is cowardice.

Nancy Pelosi clap

Nancy Pelosi has won several duels with President Trump. 

By and large, America is experiencing a political, cultural, economic, and sociological upheaval in the form of mass migration from our Southern border. The cards are now out on the table. The judiciary is preventing the executive branch from enforcing the rule of law. It is a gross misuse of judicial review. The House Democrats are hell bent on changing the country forever, by purchasing votes from illegals. They want to alter the Constitution and the American way of life for good. In reality, it is a “Cloward and Piven” economic strategy to destroy the free-market economy and to transform America into a socialist nation. So, there is currently only one person that brought this strategy to the forefront of political discussions nationwide.

In 2016, President Trump made a commitment to fix the problems at our border, and to remove the magnets that are attracting illegal immigrants here. They aren’t all refugees as the mainstream media suggest. There are a lot of images of clean cut kids with cell phones coming across our border. Simply put, they are here for the welfare cashflow. President Trump made this the pinnacle of his campaign in 2016. He still continues to talk about it to this day, but ultimately blames Congress for inaction. The fact of the matter is, there are certain steps that can be taken NOW from the President himself. Instead of using our military to paint existing walls, they should be building new ones and reinforcing weaker/outdated structures. DACA should be removed now, forget what the 9th district says. Forget what the Supreme Court says. Historical precedence is on your side, Mr. President. Also, it is time that the Attorney General look into the actions of city and state leaders who have endorsed lawlessness by creating legal funds for illegal immigrants and other legal and financial protections. The one thing President Trump has done to insure that the rule of law returns to America is by returning non-citizen tracking to the U.S. census. We at least need to know the numbers of the takeover of America.

There is much to be done on this issue. President Trump needs to act as a military leader at this point. One could even argue as a dictator. There are times that the Constitution calls for one, with limits. Once this occurs, local corruption must be ousted. Congress and Nancy Pelosi have had plenty of time to come up with a solution. Using the rule of law as a bargaining chip is not a negotiation tactic. In fact, by choosing not to enforce the law, you are already negotiating from a point of weakness. Congress has failed in their duty to protect America. Hopefully, you will honor yours.

Stop working the “art of the deal,” Mr. President, and start ACTING.


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