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Trump’s ATF pick is an ally of gun-grabbing former Attorney General Eric Holder

Well, it is official. President Donald Trump is failing to protect the right to keep and bear arms in America. Sure, he withdrew the United States’ participation in the controversial small arms treaty. And yes, he has made several speeches at NRA conventions about how much he respects the 2nd amendment. In fact, he tends to bring this up at every speech. However, he has failed on several other fronts and we may discover that his rhetoric is what it is–rhetoric.

The bump stock ban was illegal, and put us on a slippery slope towards further gun restrictions. And his rhetoric?  The most important aspect of any speech is the audience that you are speaking to. Yes, he says he respects the 2nd amendment, but for whom? Could it be that President Trump is combining his pro 2nd amendment stance with that of respecting police officers, and authority in general? Trump is well aware of the fact most law enforcement support the 2nd amendment (in theory) and believe it helps lower crime rates. Yet, we have seen police take different stances as to how the 2nd amendment is applied, and what is legal and illegal. The fact of the matter is, many law enforcement officers have no problem enforcing gun control laws. They are men of the law, and they will enforce it. Others may be more philosophical about their enforcement, however those types of men and women are few and far between. We have many examples of this selective enforcement, but the best use case would be the situation that unfolded in Maryland, where an officer enforced the highly controversial “red flag law” which resulted in the death of a man who refused to give up his guns. Clearly, not all cops either understand or support the 2nd amendment and its purpose. Furthermore, it proves there are many police willing to take your guns. Maybe Trump just wants more votes for people he surely believes should have guns to do their jobs effectively. After all, the NRA convention is largely a collection of veterans and law enforcement officers, who are the only ones with licenses to kill in America or abroad.


Chuck Canterbury, Fraternal Order of Police President

Trump’s recent pick for director of the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives) was once an outspoken advocate of gun-grabbing AG Eric Holder. Chuck Canterbury is the current president of the Fraternal Order of Police Union, who Gun Rights of America has called “anti-gun.” When Eric Holder was being nominated for Attorney General, Canterbury was vocal about his support for Holder


When politics are put aside when examining Mr. Holder’s record, you will find him not only well qualified, but also possessed of the requisite character, knowledge and experience to be an effective leader…

It could easily be argued that without Canterbury’s support, Eric Holder would never have become Attorney General. Holder was facing a filibuster from the GOP, and Canterbury was integral to avoiding the filibuster thereby securing his nomination.


Eric Holder testifies at “Fast and Furious” hearing before Congress. Image Credit: Fox News 

When you consider Holder’s “brainwashing” comments regarding the 2nd amendment this type of support is unforgivable for someone who swore an oath to protect the Constitution. Holder brought numerous controversies to the office for America’s top lawyer. From the fast and furious scandal where the feds were smuggling weapons to drug cartels in order to blame the 2nd amendment, his comments on banks being “too big to jail,”his hypocrisy with selective marijuana law enforcement, or his desire to inject racial politics into everything, there is no denying that Eric Holder, the only AG to be held in contempt with Congress, left a black mark on the resume of the nation’s top law office. And President Donald Trump just appointed the man who claimed Holder had “requisite character” as the Director of the ATF. No problems there.

It is time for conservatives to wake up. You do not necessarily have to jump off of the “Trump Train,” but you might want to take a look at the tracks ahead and see who is playing the role of conductor. 


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