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Progressive gun control organization, Safe Campus Colorado attempts to paint all law-abiding gun owners as racists. Why is this sort of tactic always used by the political left?

I am never surprised when the left goes low to argue a certain political point. However, I have to give it to them. The way they go about it is genius. For the average citizen who does not have this lens on, it is hard to see subtle cues for the real “point behind the point.” Sometimes there are multiple arguments being made with political blog posts, with subtle cues to others in the format of words, photos, or artwork. This is especially true with political memes, where pictures and text provide a visual coinciding with the point of the message. Sometimes these messages direct us towards a real injustice with an implied solution, and others can cause more injustice while offering no solutions.  Sometimes these messages are satiric in nature, and sometimes they are malevolent.

For example, the Washington Post reported on a story out of Mississippi where a black couple was asked to leave a private campground at gunpoint, where they apparently did not have reservations. When watching the video, the interaction was obviously a racist one, stereotypically so. Of course, the article mentioned the fact that a firearm was used by the racist old lady who managed the campground. Yet, they did not make the gun the focus of the article.

Safe Campus Colorado

Safe Campus Colorado attempts to paint all gun owners as racists.

When the pro-gun control folks at Safe Campus Colorado read the article, of course, they saw the gun as the focal point of the interaction. Simultaneously, they saw the racist woman holding that gun, and an opportunity to put both in perspective for their audience. “Don’t you see? Most gun owners are racist, and this is why we should ban guns!” The message “Only in the NRA’s America…” translates to a strong insinuation that “only gun owners act this way.” The irony is, the insinuation misdirects their audience from the most important aspect of the article: the reality that in certain areas, blacks are still perceived as violent threats in seemingly innocuous situations in 2019. This type of racism has no place in modern America. Of course, it would be understandable to ask folks for them to hold reservations at the camp site, however this is undeniably something that should be a friendly customer service interaction.

This is not a new tactic from the political left, or the political right, for that matter. Politics have always been dirty. However, when it comes to the issue of gun control, this type of strategy seems to be the most popular among progressive Democrats. Why? Why do liberals constantly attack the character of gun owners, instead of the true causes of the situational violence? Well, the answer is simple: liberals are failing to acknowledge the human element of the “violence equation.” They do not want to look at true solutions, as they are failing to recognize core elements regarding human nature. In simple terms using mathematical logic we can play out different scenarios. Keep in mind, our final solution should be “no violence.”

Violent Situation = Gun + Human 

  • With the liberal argument, they focus on the gun in the equation:

Violent Situation= Gun + Human – Gun = No Violent Situation 

  • At this point, the logical fallacy becomes apparent for those paying attention.

Violent Situation= Gun + Human – Gun 

Violent Situation = Human

  • Humans can still commit violence without a gun, in fact, they could use any sort of object (knife, rope, hard object, a set of stairs, a cliff, a car, etc.). 

Violent Situation = Human + Physical Object 

In reality, there is only one solution to this equation that satisfies our requirement of “no violence.”

Violent Situation = Human + Gun/Physical Object – Human 

Violent Situation = Gun/Physical Object 

Violent Situation ≠ Gun/Physical Object 

  • A gun, or physical object, cannot commit a crime on its own, excluding natural disasters or acts of God. 
  • One could also argue that instituting another human and gun into the equation would help stop the violence. The intentions of the people in these situations are what matters. 
  • This equation is validated with the recent mass stabbing event in Japan, where 2 were killed and 17 were injured

In order for us to find real solutions to prevent gun violence, we must recognize the most important component of any violent situation, and that is humans! No, not all gun owners are racist, as Safe Campus Colorado is trying to imply. Just as the organization is failing to recognize the true cause of the situation in Mississippi, racism, they are also failing to recognize the core problem with violent situations involving guns, and that is human behavior. For these reasons, conservative and libertarian groups have taken the stance that mental health is the core issue at hand, and it must be addressed. We must look at the human element in all of these situations. As I stated in my article addressing mass shootings, guns have been around for quite some time. The recent trend to commit violence for the sake of committing violence is a new phenomenon that is human-caused.

It is truly sad progressive organizations have to stoop to these levels. This type of bullying is unnecessary and does not lead to productive conversations. Ironically, it represents the exact mentality of the recent school shooter at the STEM school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, where students reported that Devon Erickson was known as a “bully.” In fact, he also was known to be a “rabid Anti-Trumper,” and reportedly “hated Christians.” 

SafecampusAntiTrumpWell, it would be safe to assume that the leaders of Safe Campus Colorado aren’t Trump supporters either. So, with tactics like these, what makes them different from the mass shooters that they are purportedly trying to defeat? 

In order for us to move forward as a society, the ad hominem attacks must stop. People and children are dying.

Editor’s Note: When comparing this groups twitter messages to that of their political counterpart, FASTERColorado, which recommends arming school staff to prevent school shootings, we could not find any ad hominem attacks throughout their feed. 


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