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As Hickenlooper Runs for President, his judicial appointments in Colorado are already being questioned.


Judge Laura Tighe (1st Judicial District, Jefferson County) had the worst retention report among her colleagues.

Judge Laura Tighe was appointed by Governor Hickenlooper to the 1st Judicial District on November 5th, 2014. Since then, she had the worst retention report among her colleagues in her district, with 44% of legal respondents reporting that she should not be retained.  The report states:

When Judge Tighe presided over Division 14 (civil and domestic relations, no criminal) from December 2014 to June 2016, she implemented rules and processes which many attorneys considered inefficient and unnecessarily costly to both plaintiff and defense. Attorney comments noted her hard work, intelligence and compassion but expressed concern about judicial statements which were verbose, inappropriate, and slowed court proceedings.


from July 2016 to the present, attorneys have expressed concern regarding Judge Tighe’s unfamiliarity with criminal law and criminal courts, inconsistent sentencing, inappropriate statements, condescension toward attorneys, and inability to efficiently run a busy criminal docket.

The Equal Justice Foundation, a non-profit focused on equitable due process and respect for Constitutional rights among the judiciary, did not recommend retention of Judge Laura Tighe: “only a pathetic 53% of attorneys voted to Retain, while 44% voted Do Not Retain. Clearly, she has not been able to adapt to being a district judge.”

LauraTighe - Do not Retain

These evaluations must be considered when determining the nation’s choice for President. Hickenlooper has shown time and again that his appointments and recommendations represent a cohesive plan for corrupt arrangements, which is evidenced in Tighe’s appointment to the bench, and her husband’s election to the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners that she reports to.

The Conservatarian Press will be dissecting other appointments made by Governor Hickenlooper during his tenure to provide an accurate historical analysis that voters can and should consider when selecting their choice for the next President of the United States.


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