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The Tyrant Next Door: Why Colorado’s poorly written “Red Flag Law” will allow for unjust persecution from your neighbors

We were told from legislators and news outlets all week that Colorado’s new “Extreme Risk Protection Order Act” will only allow close family members and law enforcement to recommend gun confiscation for an individual. Yet, the loophole is blatantly obvious to those who can accurately interpret the English language.


Colorado Springs ABC Affiliate KRDO claims that only family members or law enforcement can “start the process.” But, what “starts the process” for law enforcement? Typically, they begin their investigations after reports from other people…

The key phrase here is: “family members and law enforcement.”

 Legal analysts have yet to provide an accurate explanation as to how this will not be abused. What would a neighbor do if they suspected you of being a crazy gun nut? They would call the police. Depending on the Sheriff’s department you call, the reporting officer may be willing to investigate, even though the law states that neighbors cannot be considered an accurate source. So, if the police officer agrees with the neighbor (or simply hates gun owners—looking at you, Boulder County), they now may have enough probable cause legally to enforce the protection order, resulting in gun confiscation with no trial and no jury.

To state that neighbors will not have any say on this matter is intellectually dishonest and morally reprehensible. As this law is enforced, there will undoubtedly be news stories that highlight the potential aftermath of this poorly-written and ill-advised legislation.

Call your legislators and local sheriffs and ask them: “What happens when the neighbors call the Sheriff on me, simply because they do not like my Trump and NRA bumper stickers? Do Sheriffs not at least have a duty to investigate their allegations?”

In the post-Columbine era, it is self-evident that Colorado’s police will at least investigate a neighbor’s report, and make the determination for gun confiscation at that point. With the passing of the Red Flag bill, law enforcement has become both the judge and the jury, seemingly overnight.

As always, The Conservatarian Press will be consistently following the aftershocks of this new law statewide.

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