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Over twenty thousand furious gun owners protest Red Flag Law at Colorado Capital

Civic Center Park is filled during the Women’s March on Denver. Jan. 21, 2016. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Denver, CO — On this cold Saturday morning, over 10,000 angry Coloradans protested Governor Polis’ signing of the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act or, “The Red Flag Bill” at the Colorado state capital. The bill allows for law enforcement to confiscate guns if they deem a family member’s concern about someone’s incapable mental state as credible. The law allows for confiscation up to 364 days and can be renewed on a case-by-case basis.  The protesters met at 8:00 AM for several speeches from groups like Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and the National Association of Gun Rights, both based in Northern Colorado.

Dudley Brown, executive director of RMGO and President of NAGR, proclaimed: “It is time Coloradans stand up for their God-given right of self preservation. Gun confiscation is not new to Colorado—the menacing law is an excuse to take your guns and ruin lives in self-defense situations. This red flag law is just a continuation of those efforts to insure that gun ownership eventually becomes impossible.”

Protesters also vented their frustrations, Marc Smith, a Republican  from Denver, Colorado, stated: “The Colorado GOP has abandoned its constituents for far too long. I am glad RMGO and NAGR are taking a firm stance on this. Statewide, gun confiscation from Republican sheriffs have already begun with the menacing law in self-defense situations. The red flag law is much worse, no due process whatsoever. We must stand behind gun owners who are being implicated by this, and we must stand up for our rights!”

Patrick Neville, a state representative and well-known Columbine survivor stated: “We have seen several Republican sheriffs refuse to protect the Federal Constitution and the Colorado Constitution. Between the menacing law and this new Red Flag bill, it is not hyperbole to say that Coloradans no longer have the right to bear arms or protect themselves or others from harm. It is time people stand up and be counted!”

After several speeches, protesters marched down the 16th street mall to the lower-downtown area, then to Colfax, and back to the capital. A few protesters even claimed they would camp at the capital every weekend until the law was changed “Yes, we have jobs, and yes, we can protest at the same time. At a certain point, civil disobedience becomes necessary.”

The Conservatarian Press will be following the enforcement of this legislation closely as it became law on Friday, April 12th.

Editor’s Note:


Civic Center Park is filled during the Women’s March on Denver. Jan. 21, 2016. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

This is a satire piece. This protest did not happen. RMGO and NAGR are sponsoring several ill-fated recalls and will undoubtedly raise millions of dollars in the process. Dudley Brown and his organizations have never addressed the felony menacing law in Colorado, viewed by many gun owners as the first type of “red flag” gun confiscation legislation. Republican representative Patrick Neville has never addressed the menacing statute and its susceptibility to abuse, and has never announced a call to action regarding the red flag bill. Colorado GOP constituents do not march, and they do not protest. Several district captains have been quoted as saying “that’s something only progressives do. Republicans have jobs, we are too busy to protest or march.” Well, the progressives are winning because they know how to put feet on the pavement. And, unlike the common stereotype Republicans love to push, many Democrats do have jobs and many make time to insure their voices are heard.

The Colorado GOP is controlled by a small minority of elitists who are fine with maintaining the status quo as long as their personal investments are protected. Largely, the party is a glorified “PTA” group that talks the talk but never chooses to walk the walk. Even the constituents in Colorado are fine with the status quo of business-as-usual politics, where we demean the other side for being able to protest because “they have the time, they are all on welfare and do not have jobs!” What a bunch of hogwash that is! There were plenty of well-fed and well-financed protesters at the Women’s March in Denver.

It is time for Colorado Republicans to wake up! Get off your pompous asses, and hit the streets. Get angry! Get mad! There is no reason we cannot couple these recalls with actual protests. Civil disobedience is effective, and it is time for Republicans to understand one thing:

When laws endorse lawlessness in the name of sacrificing liberty for more safety, it is time to disregard other regulations in order to force a change. The one aspect of the Republican party that has led to party losses nationwide is the fact that its leadership and constituents both argue that protesting is a waste of time, and should be viewed as un-American. It is time for conservatives and libertarians to get on the offense and get off the sidelines.

Stop reacting with recalls, and start rebuilding the base with honest candidates who truly support the concept of individual liberty. The corruption within the Colorado GOP has been obvious over the past decade, with never-Trumper candidates likes former Congressman Mike Coffman and current state senator Cory Gardner who have almost destroyed the party singlehandedly. Patrick Neville, a staunch supporter of gun rights, has refused to recognize the tyranny of the”other red flag law” in the menacing statute, and also has taken a soft stance on the red flag law in so far as he is towing the party line by calling for recalls, which will undoubtedly result in a funding surge for the party. With the demographic surge Colorado has experienced, it is highly unlikely any of these recalls will be successful.  Delegates and district captains are convinced that infiltrating the party from within to force necessary change is the best course of action. Yet, since the “Ron Paul Revolution” in Colorado in 2012, change at the top was never realized. The corruption continued, and we lost our state caucus and control of the state senate in the aftermath. Sometimes, you have to protest against those in your own party, and call them out for their own hypocrisy. The time is now.

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