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City of Aurora, Colorado Moves Closer to Approving Plan to Allow Non-Citizens to Apply for Police, Fire Jobs…Coloradans Fume

Aurora, CO – DenverChannel 7 is reporting that the city of Aurora, Colorado is closer to approving a proposal to allow non-citizens to work in the police and fire departments. The city of Aurora says “it’s losing good police and fire candidates to other cities, and we are trying to do something about it.” People like Phoenix Urbina says the proposal will be a “game-changer” for her and her family.

“This is a good concept, especially for the city of Aurora,” said City Council member Charlie Richardson.

Council Member Charlie Richardson

720.320.0808 (direct contact)
Term Expires: November 2019


Notably, Charlie pointed out that one-in-five people living in Aurora was born outside of the U.S., something the City gloats about with their motto “Aurora – An All-American City.” Oh, the irony.

Here is the reality of the situation. The city of Aurora and Denver share the title for the most dangerous cities in Colorado, with Pueblo down south. In fact, in the last 5 years, Aurora has seen a 118 percent increase in homicides. When speaking to Colorado residents, there is no surprise for many that Aurora is still perceived as an undesirable place to live. So, is it no surprise that the hardest place to police in Colorado is losing police and EMS workers? In essence, the city is hiding their real objective: to calm the illegal immigrants living there with illegal police and fire workers. The elephant in the room here is—that cities full of illegal migrants are impossible areas to effectively police.

Coloradans strongly disagree with the proposal. One commenter on Facebook stated:

“I’m not anti-immigration but this is crossing the line..our civil servants should be citizens…bottom line.”

Speaking to The Conservatarian Press, Joseph from Colorado argued:

“How am I supposed to accept a speeding ticket from someone who is in fact breaking the law themselves? I cannot in good conscience live in a city that promotes this type of lawlessness. I guess it is time to move out of Colorado.”

Urbina also made an effort to insert her opinions on racial politics: “Even I, as a U.S. citizen, wouldn’t feel I would be accepted if I were to apply for something like that because of my color and my nationality. But I think it’s a really great idea,” she said. Urbina’s sentiments directly reflect the culture in Aurora, Colorado, where there is a strong culture of disrespect toward police officers and veterans, and clearly, white people.  One only has to look at the Aurora Police department’s website to see there are plenty of people of color who work for the city. Ironically, her statement embodies the exact reasoning for police not wanting to work for the city.

The City Council believes this proposal will become a reality. The Conservatarian Press will be following this closely. Ask Questions. Demand Answers.

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3 Responses to “City of Aurora, Colorado Moves Closer to Approving Plan to Allow Non-Citizens to Apply for Police, Fire Jobs…Coloradans Fume”

  1. KaD

    What do people expect when they elect dumocrats? They turn every town they govern into a shithole. First law the Denvers new mayor passed was decriminalizing shitting in public, because that’s worked so well in San Francisco.



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