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Conspiracy of Silence, Episode III: Leaving Neverland, and The Michael Jackson-Ronald Reagan-Bill Clinton Connection

After watching the documentary Leaving Neverland I have become fully convinced that Michael Jackson was in fact a rabid pedophile. Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck’s stories are believable. At first, I had questions, just like everyone else: Why did Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck recant their original stories? Why did they go public now, after Michael Jackson has died? From the outside perspective, those questions are completely valid and must be answered for the audience to believe their stories. Luckily, they are answered in the documentary. Many M.J. fanatics will be left with a new perspective. There may be those that will be loyal to the end. Yet, in reality, I contend that those most loyal to Jackson are the most susceptible to having their minds changed. Hidden within their blind loyalty to Jackson lies the answer to all of our questions.

Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck’s loyalty to Jackson was synonymous to any other fan of his. The spell had been cast—Michael Jackson was truly a “pop god” with a mysterious and seemingly untouchable private life. Both Robson and Safechuck knew their relations with Michael were inappropriate. Yet, their loyalty, and love—motivated them to defend Jackson. Robson was Jackson’s star witness in his 2003 trial involving another child molestation accusation. It is not hard to imagine after hearing their stories. They were still in love with Jackson, they did not necessarily perceive the touching as abuse. For this reason, it was no wonder that Jackson was keen on maintaining these relationships during his trials. This point is something Jackson defenders fail to understand. I would be willing to bet that some fans would let Jackson molest them simply because they want to meet him. The culture surrounding him is that maniacal. In truth, we were all victims of Michael Jackson’s spell.

Michael Jackson died in 2009, and this fact alone adds more weight to Wade and Jimmy’s explanation for going public. The man is gone, and he can no longer cast a spell. The reality of what occurred has truly settled in. Between their stories, and their families, there is no denying that their allegations appear credible. Be sure to watch Leaving Neverland to see for yourself.

Now that the documentary has gone mainstream and was largely well received, more facts have come to light. The Sun has reported that the FBI office in Los Angeles was aware of several accusations against Jackson in 1985-86, involving what appears to be a clear case of child sex trafficking. “Two mexican boys” were brought to Los Angeles from Chicago, apparently to meet Jackson’s “needs.” An FBI report dated in December of 1993 states that the allegations were brushed aside “due to the fact Jackson was about to receive an award from the President.” Michael Jackson was given the Presidential Public Safety Commendation by Reagan and his wife Nancy in 1984, which is a disgusting perversion of the truth.

Here is where things appear to take a darker turn. In the documentary, Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover-up (for which this series is named after), a pedophile ring is discovered in the higher echelons of government, reaching all the way to the White House. The documentary covers the allegations made against Lawrence E. King Jr., a Republican party activist in Nebraska. The documentary largely pulls its information from the book The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska. At the same time, allegations were made in an article from The Washington Times that there were regular call boy trips made to the White House.



Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson

With the circle of allegations made against higher political offices of the time, one has to wonder who threw the allegations against Michael Jackson under the rug? Clearly, the FBI was complicit in their cover-up. And, the cover-up continued under the administration of President Clinton, as the discovery was made in 1993.

When also considering the allegations made by former Los Angeles FBI Office Director Ted Gunderson, the network appears to come full circle. It is undeniable that Ted Gunderson has been privy to several prominent cases involving child sex trafficking, satanism, and ritual sacrifice. He also contends that this network reaches the upper echelons of government, and the financial and entertainment elite. Yes, he alleges that the illuminati is real, that satanism is part of the affluent culture in America.

When re-examining Michael Jackson’s career with knowledge of the allegations made against him and the evidence that supports them, the circumstances point to Michael Jackson being a pedophile and a satanist. Some of this evidence may be purely circumstantial and coincidental, however, when considering these examples with the documented evidence of satanic, creepy sculptures, photos, and artwork at Neverland Ranch, the argument becomes compelling.

MJTriangle all seeing eye




Image Credit: SF Chronicle


Door knocker at Neverland Ranch. Notice the two small boys kissing, and the demon hands that hold the knocker.


At the end of the day, many of these allegations cannot be confirmed due to corruption and lack of evidence connecting key players. Yet, that simple saying: “Where there is smoke, there is fire,” sets the tone for this inquiry. Overall, it is a strong reminder that we must never engage in idolatry to the point that we ignore obvious cues, patterns, and behavior that indicate something is not right. Politically speaking, we must hold people accountable to their professed values, and never promote any political figure as someone who is exempt to our societal standards.

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Youtube, Tour of Neverland Ranch:


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