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COnquered: Colorado’s New Legislature Moves Forward with Extreme, Marxist Agenda

Well, there is no sugarcoating it: Colorado has been conquered by an extreme element of the Democratic party. No matter where you stand politically, it is easy to observe the political and cultural changes that have dominated the Colorado landscape for the last twenty years. However, what Colorado Democrats have pushed forward with in the last 3 months since winning the election should be alarming to anyone with a pulse. Of course, the recently proposed legislation is abhorrent to any Republican. Yet, the legislation is so extreme that even those that find themselves in the middle as an independent or libertarian will be concerned, and rightfully so. For the average Marxist-socialist-communist, Colorado’s political transformation serves as another victory lap. Folks like George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Jared Polis are surely content with their efforts to put Colorado under their control.

Ultimately, Colorado has succumbed to the political will of influencers and financiers from California and the east coast. In fact, much of the Colorado legislature’s recent proposals directly mirror the current laws in California. In reality, these proposals will destroy Colorado’s way of life, such as Colorado’s once low cost of living, culture of liberty and freedom, and general respect for each other in daily life. These types of ideas are what led to California’s destruction, where the cost of living is high and cultural Marxism dominates every human interaction. To illustrate these points, we will examine some of the disastrous ideas that have been pushed by Colorado Democrats since sweeping the legislature in 2018:

1. Sexualizing our Children 


Colorado Democrats, civic leaders, and teacher’s unions are now pushing the idea that students should be educated on the concepts behind transgenderism, arguably a sexual mental disorder known as Gender Dysphoria. Teachers are now being directed to use the correct gender pronouns with students and to follow a curriculum that promotes transgenderism as a normal aspect of nature that must be respected. Simultaneously, students are also being educated on pro-choice arguments for abortions, in a state where abortion is legal up to 8 months in pregnancy. In Boulder, Colorado, children have also been invited to trendy “Drag queen book reads” at local libraries. (See the link for Boulder’s event, here.) It gets worse: Colorado Democrats are also trying to ban abstinence-only sex education, a direct affront to the Christian community.  The Colorado Gazette reports:

Schools would be barred from promoting “sexual abstinence as the primary or sole acceptable preventive method available to students.”

The bill also “prohibits instruction from explicitly or implicitly teaching or endorsing religious ideology or sectarian tenets or doctrines, using shame-based or stigmatizing language or instructional tools, employing gender norms or gender stereotypes, or excluding the relational or sexual experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender individuals.”


City of Boulder’s Tweet promoting “Drag Queen Storytime”

Ultimately, all of these activities are intended to confuse children on designated roles, creating an atmosphere of chaos where normal, natural relationships are looked down upon. The idea that a 6-year-old has the mental capacity to choose their own gender is absolute insanity. Hell, even a full grown adult does not have the ability to deny their own biology. Politicizing well established science is in no way progressive, it is regressive and represents the downfall of civilization, where naturally occurring societal roles are destroyed.

Whether you agree with the theories behind transgenderism or not, the argument can be made that this type of education belongs with the family, and your doctor. Why do citizens need to be educated from the state on these issues? Who decides the proper age for this type of instruction? Why not simply educate children on scientific principles, instead of promoting a specific political agenda that has intertwined itself in both the scientific and psychiatric communities? Overall, great care should be taken, and more conversations should occur, before parents are obligated to subject their children to a grotesque form of “education” from a group of people who claim to have intellectual superiority over the rest of us.

2. Red-flag Gun Confiscation Bill 

Caution Sign - Gun Control Ahead

Red-flag laws have become a huge topic in light of recent mass shootings throughout the United States. In Colorado, the deadly shooting that led to Lone Tree police officer Zachari Parrish’s death was the catalyst for this discussion. Simply stated, red-flag laws allow family members and concerned citizens to report someone that owns a gun who may be a danger to themselves or others. The matter goes before a judge (after the guns have been confiscated) to decide on the matter. There is not a trial. There is no due process. Local Fox affiliate KDVR reports:
Under the proposal, any family member, household member or law enforcement officer could go before a judge and ask for an extreme risk protection order. A judge could then immediately order a person’s guns be taken away if the person is deemed a threat. Within 14 days, a formal hearing must take place where the gun owner could request their guns back. Legal representation would be provided by the state. If a judge still deems an individual a risk, their guns could be taken away for up to 364 days.

Republican leaders in Colorado, specifically former Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler, have violated the beliefs they espouse routinely to their supporters. Brauchler supports the legislation that violates due process and the 2nd Amendment. He does not see it as a fast-track for gun confiscation. Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock also voiced his support, by stating that “we have a mental health crisis in this state.” “We support the 2nd Amendment” they say. We will defend your right to self-defense, they say. Wrong. Both Colorado prosecutors and sheriffs have violated their oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and Colorado Constitution and the concept of self-defense held in the Columbia v. Heller decision. While political pundits in Colorado were more concerned with safe-injection sites and the Denver teacher union dispute, legislators were moving to take your guns, and they succeeded. The bill was passed along party lines, and is expected to be signed by Governor Jared Polis.

If you live in Colorado and own a gun, you do not have the right to own it. You must ask for permission from the government. The concept of self-defense no longer exists in Colorado.

3. Adopting California Emission Standards 


Colorado has adopted California’s emission standards, which require all new vehicles sold to average 35 mpg by the year 2025.  The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association notes that these regulations will increase the cost of a vehicle by thousands of dollars, and the SUVS/trucks that most Coloradans buy (75% of ownership) will incur heavy fees and fines. They have argued this legislation is illegal, and plan to file suit. 

There is a reason people are fleeing California to places like Colorado. California is simply too damn expensive. This legislation is another feather in the hat for Colorado Democrats in their move to align Colorado’s political structure with that of California’s.


4. Removing the Electoral College, An Act of Secession 


Colorado also chose to pass legislation that would ultimately bind Colorado’s 9 electoral college votes to the large population states like New York or California. The legislation binds Colorado’s 9 votes with the national winner of the popular vote, ignoring the local winner within the state. The move should eventually be deemed illegal and unconstitutional due to the fact the Constitution directly outlines the procedure for electing the President. It allows states to choose their electors as they wish, but it does not allow for them to supersede the manner in which the electors vote in so far as it relates to the national process. The Constitution states:

1.2 Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an elector. 

Many states have winner-take-all approaches for how their electors vote, a topic that arose during the election of President Donald Trump. Many electors attempted to defect, illegally doing so in many cases. Only Maine and Nebraska offer a proportional system, whereas all other states bind their electors votes to the popular vote of that state. On the contrary, Colorado is attempting to bind the electors votes to the national popular vote, something that directly violates section 1.3, where the Constitution outlines the manner in which electoral votes are considered.

Through and through, Colorado’s attempt to ignore the U.S. Constitution will be denied by the court. Furthermore, the act itself could be considered an egregious act of secession. It is a direct affront to the national Constitution and its supremacy clause. It is a nefarious attempt to avoid the Constitution’s amendment process. If people want to move to a popular vote winner-take-all system nationwide, they will need to develop a 2/3 majority among the states. We aren’t stupid. It is obvious you are still mad Donald Trump won the election.

5. Colorado AG Phil Weiser Sues Trump Administration for National Emergency Declaration to Build the Wall 


A Screenshot of Trump’s recent tweet on progress on the wall.

The Constitution gives the President direct authority as commander in chief to repel foreign invasions. 20,000 illegal migrants crossing our border per month definitely fits that bill. There have been countless Presidential national emergencies and executive orders that could be viewed as illegal prior to this one, yet our genius politicians choose the one national emergency that makes the most sense. Illegal immigration in Colorado has inexorably led to increased living costs across the board. Education costs have skyrocketed with dismal results. The cost of driving has increased due to uninsured drivers (with Colorado driver’s license for citizens of Mexico, and elsewhere.) Oh, and how about that crime rate? The crime rate in Colorado has increased a whopping 25% since 2013.  Overall, Colorado’s leaders have ignored the obvious facts surrounding illegal immigration and the general effect it has had on law-abiding citizens in Colorado. More importantly, Colorado’s voting base chose to elect a devout Marxist from Boulder as Attorney General.


Without a doubt, Colorado is on a dark path towards socialism with recent legislative proposals that follow the culturally and economically Marxist ideals promoted by Democrat politicians and their elitist backers. Billionaires like Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, and now Colorado Governor Jared Polis have spent billions of dollars to make Colorado a blue state. The new residents of Colorado and the Colorado natives that are left will watch their costs go up, just as it did in the leftist state they fled from. No matter your political affiliation, some of these proposals should at least concern you. I know there are Democrat gun owners out there, and liberals that see the transgender issue as one step too far. I know there are socialists who love to take their SUV up to the mountains, without it costing an arm and a leg. For Colorado to survive, its residents must recognize the fault in their errors and help the state become politically balanced again, where both sides of the political spectrum came together to find common sense solutions. Most contend it is too late for Colorado, and they may be right. What happened to Colorado represents a coordinated effort among many to transform the state forever. Colorado is no longer a state for those who cherish their individual liberty. In the long run, Colorado’s transformation represents a larger, national effort. One state at a time…one state at a time…one state at a time….

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City of Boulder Draq Queen Reading Tweet:

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