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Conspiracy of Silence Episode II: Group Home Leader in Colorado Charged with 10 Counts of Sexual Assault. Are local governments in Colorado protecting pedophiles?

Jefferson County, Colorado

Fox affiliate KDVR has reported that 55-year-old  group home leader Wayne Sexton has been charged with 10 counts of sexual assault. The story is alarming for obvious reasons, however, if one digs further it becomes apparent that there may be evidence of a cover-up by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department.

The article states that Sexton worked for The Bridgeway Group Home in Lakewood, under a non-profit called “The Savio House.” Colorado with six-figure contracts with the Colorado Department of Human Services, Jefferson County, and Denver Social Services. Their largest donor is The Denver Lion’s Club. Here is the concerning part: Wayne Sexton’s only job history prior to working for the Savio House was working for Arby’s and Long John Silvers. Other than the obvious detail that he has never worked with children in a professional capacity before, one has to ponder: why hire him?

The answer is simple: Social Services programs run by the government are often infiltrated and ran by known pedophiles. The system is akin to the CIA’s relationship with the drug war—controlling both sides of the equation. Infowars has reported that a 2011 Audit of Sacramento foster care facilities revealed that the addresses for state-run foster care facilities also matched with over 1000 addresses of convicted pedophiles. With statistics like that, it is not merely a case of isolated incidents, but a systemic problem. Taking it one step further, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume these state-run facilities are recruiting pedophiles by design.

With that perspective, it is no wonder Wayne Sexton had no licensed accreditation to care for children. He was recruited for the job for his “other” skills. It is notable to mention that the victims reported this to several state agencies but were immediately denied any recourse due to the fact these children were “embattled and angry youths,” and some were simply scared of retaliation or scared of their concerns going unnoticed. As Dr. Gonzalez-Ziegler  said to Fox News, “We all have to get comfortable with the idea, this is not ‘stranger danger!’ The people who abuse kids are trusted.” Gonzalez-Ziegler also pointed out that several agencies “failed” these children. The data shows otherwise–these agencies may be guilty of child sex trafficking under current laws. Both the Savio House and its main donor, the Denver Lion’s Club,  refused on-camera interviews. That in itself tells us a lot.

Wayne Sexton lured the children with drugs like meth and marijuana, sex toys, and pornography. We have seen this pattern before in Colorado with ex-Arapahoe County Sheriff, Pat Sullivan, who raped teenage boys in exchange for meth. (He was never convicted of sexual assault against a child, or the purported murders he was connected to.)

Wayne Sexton’s last court appearance was December 17th, and the mainstream media has yet to provide a recent update. We will be following this story closely, as the rumors of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office protecting pedophiles have been previously circulated. The spotlight is on Republican Sheriff Jeff Shrader and his Republican ally, District Attorney Pete Weir. Will they expose a larger plot, or will Sexton be the only one who is held accountable?

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