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Conspiracy of Silence Episode I: Convicted Pedophile Brian Peck and Leonardo DiCaprio

I stumbled across this video today of Owen Benjamin analyzing a creepy video of convicted pedophile Brian Peck, a well-known producer and actor, with Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of the hit tv show, Growing Pains. After watching the critically acclaimed documentary on pedophilia in Hollywood, An Open Secret, which highlights the pedophilia culture that is prevalent throughout Hollywood, I now look for evidence among all Hollywood actors, instead of seeing these incidents as isolated. The video is glaringly obvious to those who look for the subtle sexual cues between DiCaprio, who was 14 at the time, and Peck. Now that Peck’s reputation as a pedophile is well known, it is hard not to look at his behavior with DiCaprio with disgust.

After researching Peck’s career, I found another interesting tidbit. Peck also worked on the set of X Men 2.  Why is this relevant? Well, Bryan Singer was the director. Singer has also been accused of sexual assault, and rape of minors, as seen in the Open Secret documentary. The film points to the fact that Singer worked regularly with Marc Collins Rector, who was charged with soliciting sex from minors and transporting them across state lines for sex. It gets worse—if you follow the trail further, you will find that Bryan Singer was the producer for The Usual Suspects, starring Kevin Spacey.

The behavior in the video is obvious, and when combined with the accusations, it is an obvious case of guilty-by-association. I highly recommend watching the Open Secret documentary, it will change your views of Hollywood, Disney, and your childhood—forever.

The Conservatarian Press will be publishing a new article series every month exposing the pedophilia culture throughout America and the radical leftist agenda to normalize it.


an open secret

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