[…] Conspiracy of Silence Episode I, Hit-piece on Leonardo DiCaprio and Brian Peck Before the viral outbreak of the California Culture article, this article which kicked off the Conspiracy of Silence series gathered the most attention from outside traffic sources. In other words, people were directly searching for this story about Brian Peck and his run-ins with Leonardo DiCaprio early on in his career. I am sure a lot of this attention was due to the fact many fans of Leo were curious about this relationship (and praying that Leonardo was no way in involved, which is currently the case, as all allegations focus on Peck–Leo’s relationship with him is simply uncomfortable and any assumptions are pure conjecture.) The article served its purpose—it places the spotlight on Hollywood’s culture of pedophilia and the hit documentary “An Open Secret,” which was first to reveal the awkward relationship between Peck and his child actor pals and the charges against him. […]