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Liberals and Mainstream Media in 2018: President Trump ruined Christmas and he helped kill Santa.

Psychological methods used by today’s media are obvious for those who are paying attention. I could not help but notice that the media have even gone as low as blaming Trump for ruining Christmas! After the government “shutdown” was announced, local media in Colorado reported that “NORAD will not be able to track Santa due to Trump’s government shutdown.” Not only was the headline misleading, it was an outright, blatant lie. The headline was everywhere, for a short time. Eventually, they got it right—but the damage had been done. Liberal parents everywhere were probably telling their children: “you see kids? Trump just ruined Christmas.” NORAD’s puppet show was not canceled. In reality, government shutdowns are pure theater. For example, they have to hire more national monument guards to enforce it being closed.

Then, on the day of Christmas, the national headlines read: “Trump tells boy that Santa Claus isn’t real.” Are you kidding me? Have we truly stooped this low in our reporting to actually blame Trump for ruining Christmas?


Mainstream media and Google would have you believe Trump told a child that Santa wasn’t real.

I listened to the call. He was talking to a young boy, and asked him if he still believed in Santa. The boy OBVIOUSLY hinted that he did not believe in Santa anymore but still has fun with it. We could not hear the boys actual remark, either. Context is important in reporting, and the mainstream media has ALWAYS gotten it wrong with Trump. Trump was merely having a fun conversation with the boy. Here is the irony: Trump will enforce the “big lie” for children if its necessary. But if he knows the boy has wised up, he tells them the truth. I guess it personifies how Trump got elected—he has always been the man who tells us the truth, even if the American people are not ready to hear it. In this case, the media got it wrong again. They do not want to admit it, but Trump is absolutely great with people, and children. Kids love him. He is like the Grandpa we all would love to have at the Christmas table.

Shame on the mainstream media for twisting this call into something it was not. The only Grinch’s today are those working at the corporate mainstream media, who would even ruin Christmas intentionally as another opportunity to bash Trump. As Trump would say: “That’s truly pathetic, and, SAD.”

You can listen to the call here, and take its context for what its worth. Merry Christmas, and enjoy the holidays without the radical leftwing pundits’ attempts to ruin it for you.



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