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We Aren’t in Mayberry Anymore, Episode I. Why the Current Crimewave in Colorado will inevitably hit your wallet.

This is a Letter to the Editor from a local Colorado Springs resident who wished to remain anonymous. 

Dear Conservatarian Press/Last Historian, I hope you report on this, as I have contacted several mainstream news outlets to no avail. Thank you!

Imagine waking up to a warm cup of coffee as you peer out across your apartment complex parking lot to view the morning sunrise. Then—you notice something peculiar, and your heart begins to sink. “Why is my truck sitting about a foot lower than usual?” Then, you examine closer. “My god, these motherf***ers don’t even have the courtesy of putting the truck on blocks!”


This was my morning last Saturday in Colorado Springs, near Manitou. I woke up to my wheels and tires stolen from my Toyota Tacoma. By then, I already knew what my day would look like: File a Police Report, Call insurance, Call Discount Tire, Call a tow truck company. With this unique circumstance of having my truck sitting on its rotors, it could not be towed without special rollers. And most tow truck companies do not carry these. 6 hours later after purchasing a set of jack stands, I had my new tires installed, with rotor damage to boot. And believe it or not, this was not the most frustrating part of my experience.


This was my reaction to my truck wheels and tires being stolen.

When I finally got my truck rolling again, I had time to walk in to our local police station. It was a stereotypical scene out of a movie: a couple cute front desk girls, and two cops sitting in the back—drinking coffee, and yes—eating donuts. I told her about my situation and that I had actually located the tools the thieves had used to steal my property. I took photos of the location of these tools, and put them in a plastic bag, hoping that the police would pull the fingerprints. The front desk girl told me to call a central number—even though she was sitting their with her colleague doing absolutely nothing. So, I called the number, told her that I had evidence of the crime, and she responded with: “I am sorry, we do not have the time to investigate these types of crimes.” Of course, I was not happy. I told her that “it is no wonder car jackings are up 300% in this state. I guess it is time to move.”


Colorado Springs Police: “You’re fucked.”

Overall, I am upset that the police in our communities truly represent the type of bureaucratic inefficiency at its highest level. They seemingly do not care about the local residents that fund their paychecks. But, of course, they have time to sit on a road to collect tax revenue in the name of safety with speedtraps.

I hope you have time to report on this, as the mainstream media has ignored me. This situation has cost me over $2000.00 in unexpected costs.

An angry *Future-Former* Colorado Springs Resident


PS. I was also hit on my front bumper in the months prior by an illegal immigrant without proper insurance.


Dear Tacoma Owner, I am so sorry for your loss, and thank you for reaching out. Your personal story is truly disheartening. I share your frustrations with our police departments throughout Colorado, and for that matter, nationwide. Police have become the bullies of local neighborhoods, enforcing laws that do not matter, while ignoring the laws that have a powerful impact on your wallet, and livelihood. 

Colorado has set a terrible precedent for allowing criminals to run free with their newly anointed sanctuary state status. Prior to the midterm elections, we could point the finger at Boulder and Denver for their sanctuary city status and legal defense funds for illegal immigrants. Now, we are officially a lawless sanctuary state with the election of Jared Polis at Governor and Phil Weiser, a Boulder law professor, for Attorney General. Boulder’s politics have now invaded the entire state, and as you have experienced, the effects have been felt statewide. 

Colorado Springs has become a hotbed for property crime with the infestation of drug cartels to the south in Pueblo. Here are a few examples of similar horror stories in the Springs: 

  1. Pueblo Police Call off Chase for Carjacking Suspect, Nov 23, 2018. 
  2. Car Stolen from Colorado Springs Cancer Patient, Nov 23, 2018. 
  3. Vehicle Stolen with Baby Inside in Colorado Springs, Nov 22, 2018. 

These 3 examples have occurred within the last week, and there are hundreds of other examples when reading the headlines. The Rocky Mountain Insurance Association is reporting that 2017 saw an 8% increase in auto-related thefts from the previous year, amounting to $149 Million in insurance losses statewide.  


When viewing the data from each major city in Colorado, Pueblo leads the state, with Denver and Colorado Springs following. Fox News has reported that Denver actually ranks 20th in the nation for auto-theft crime.   In fact, the legal resource site has reported that you are twice as likely to have your car stolen in Denver, than in crime infested New York City! 

Overall, we agree with your assertion that this is likely due to Colorado’s sanctuary state status. The evidence is in the data–we could not find data specific to Colorado, however we did find that 63 percent of cited drivers in Colorado’s neighbor Arizona did not have valid insurance, a valid license, or vehicle registration. The article also highlights that 12% of all illegal immigrants commit violent crimes, including robbery.  The article also points out that 75% of those on California’s most wanted list are illegal aliens.


Insert “Illegal” Here. Denver’s support of illegal immigration has led to a an increase in property crime, auto theft, assault, rape, and murder.

Through and through, the lawlessness promoted by the Democratic Party has led to incalculable costs on the average American citizen. Insurance rates have risen to account for all of the property crime that follows sanctuary state policies. It is not a coincidence that Denver’s support and endorsement of illegal immigration has led to its crime rise year over year.

Unfortunately, this trend will continue with Colorado Republicans losing the senate and the governorship. My advice to you is to prepare to make a move to a state that enforces the rule of law and protects American citizens who contribute to our society. Also, buy a new car alarm and locking lug-nuts to deter further theft from your truck.

For Liberty,

The Last Historian

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