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Donald Trump hasn’t campaigned in Colorado since 2016. Here’s why Colorado is a lost cause.

Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump speaks Friday, July 29, 2016, in Colorado Springs, Colo. (Stacie Scott/The Gazette via AP)

If you were to view Colorado Republicans’ twitter feeds, you would think Colorado was a pro-Trump state. However, that is simply not the case. For those that actually have a memory past the level of a goldfish, lets take a stroll back to 2015 and see how the Colorado GOP establishment reacted to Donald Trump’s announcement to run for President, and how they have responded to his policies since he was elected: 

  1. Colorado Republicans Cancel Presidential Straw Poll for 2016 Caucus

Donald Trump announced his run for President on June 16th, 2015. The Colorado GOP cancelled the straw poll vote in August 2015. Unfortunately, the national party changed its rules to bind the straw poll vote at the caucus to the delegates Presidential vote come primary time. For those that are paying attention, this would of injured the Ron Paul campaign had it been enacted in 2012—a likely response to Paul’s ability to garner almost half of the 1144 delegates at the national convention. On its face, it seems the Colorado GOP chose to protect its delegate’s ability to impact the choice for President at the national level. However, the internal polls showed that Trump’s outsider status was attractive to many. Colorado Republicans, especially Trump supporters, were not happy to say the least, and the delegates that did vote chose to run with Ted Cruz. Furthermore, the move shows that the Colorado GOP will do anything to thwart the will of the people. In 2012, it was Ron Paul they changed the rules on. In 2016, it was Donald Trump. In both cases,  state party leaders Ryan Call and Steve House had a hand in the corruption. Never forget that Colorado was a Ted Cruz state, and the Colorado GOP made a sincere effort to thwart the Trump presidency. Watch Coloradans reaction, here:

2. Senator Cory Gardner, Mike Coffman and the Colorado GOP have taken a anti-Trump stance on most of his policies. 

The notably liberal Denver Post has endorsed Mike Coffman for his “independent streak in the age of Trump.” Coffman has attacked Trump for his stance on illegal immigration, and this is likely due to the large swath of illegal immigrants that have changed Colorado’s 6th district permanently.

Cory Gardner has attacked Trump on several fronts, most notably he clearly bought into the fake Fusion-GPS dossier and Russian collusion conspiracy theory concocted by Hillary Clinton and the democrats.

The reason these two establishment GOPers have consistently attacked Trump is due to the inherent corruption and good-ole-boys mentality with the Colorado GOP. Many Ron Paul delegates know what I am talking about (Colorado was a Ron Paul state in 2012, but you will not notice that in local or national headlines.)

 3. The Democrats Ability to Apply Sanctuary Status to much of the Denver-metro area has inexorably changed Colorado’s demographics forever.

For political scientists, demographics is everything. It represents the crux of all political data, all other data is built upon this information. Colorado has been on a progressively marxist trend since the early 2000’s, immediately following the Bush presidency. Democrats took the house in 2006-7 and have not looked back. Currently, the Colorado GOP holds the Senate by merely 1 seat, and the district is highly contested and could go either way. This is obvious when you look at Mike Coffman’s shift toward the democratic message regarding immigration policy. Even Walker Stapleton has admitted that he supports “Dreamer” legislation, which has put illegal immigrants over native Coloradans with illegal in-state tuition, which of course also punishes out of state citizens who are charged full price tuition. These policy shifts represent three markers for the Colorado GOP’s demise in Colorado:

A) The demographics have changed so much that the Colorado GOP has desperately chosen to take a more moderate stance, in effect sacrificing their party values for the sake of getting elected.

B) The Colorado GOP has become corrupted with a bunch of hand-shakers, instead of political ideologues.

C.) Billionaires like George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Jared Polis have utilized the “Colorado Method” to change states like Virginia, Connecticut, and even Texas with similar strategies. You can watch in detail how the Democrats were able to conquer Colorado by pouring funds into the state by watching the film, “Rocky Mountain Heist.” 

Through and through, Donald Trump and his team have recognized the obvious: Colorado is a lost cause. It is best to focus on candidates and states where winning is still viable. And does he really need Colorado to push his agenda forward? The answer is no. If his team can strategize with other seats and figure Mike Coffman’s district as a loss into their data, winning is still possible.

It is time Colorado Republicans wake up to the fact that bending to the will of your political enemy will end up bending the ideology so far that it will eventually break. Talking out of both sides and compromising on your values will only lead to more systemic losses. The Democrats’ strategy is to bring in huge swaths of illegal immigrants while promising them welfare and benefits–if you bend on this policy, you will end up voting yourself out of office, which is exactly why Colorado Republicans should hold no hope for the future in 2018. This midterm season, vote for Colorado Republicans who have not faltered on their ideology. If they do falter, maybe it is best to stay home this election, and donate to Trump’s candidates in out of state elections. We must hold our candidates accountable to the values they purportedly espouse on their campaign website, otherwise, small sacrifices will lead to huge losses.

Shame on the Colorado GOP for rejecting the Trump agenda. Shame on the Colorado GOP for rejecting the people’s will. Shame on the Colorado GOP for turning the state party into a cult led by neocon control freaks, who are REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY. 

And to those who live in other states, take Colorado’s example as a warning—your state could be next. Idaho, Nevada, Texas—here’s looking at you, kid. 

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