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Antifa’s Protectors: 9News’ Kyle Clark and Ryan Haarer Attempt to Shield Antifa from Prosecution

If you read Kyle Clark’s twitter feed and read 9News’ article that claimed Colorado State Patrol trooper “instructed the Proud Boys to fight counter protesters” you would have immediately thought that the CSP trooper was allied with the Trump-supporting Proud Boys, who Clark alleged was allied with right-wing extremist groups and Nazism. The problem? All of this is not true. 

Lets tackle the first myth. The Proud Boys are not allied with any Nazi groups. In fact, those that claim to be supporters of white nationalism and Nazism often promote leftist political ideology, such as universal healthcare, state intervention in the national economy, etc. If you read many of Hitler’s speeches, they resemble the words of many of those on the left, not on the right. Nazi literally means “National Socialist.” Most importantly, Nazis would never be seen promoting and organizing a “First Amendment Rally” that is intended to uphold the concept of Free Speech. 

Pundits like Kyle Clark at 9News never highlight the actions of Antifa at these stand-offs in Denver. Antifa has smashed car windows in Denver of Trump supporters, threatened physical violence, and most recently at this event on 9/15/18,  Eight Antifa Members were purportedly arrested for assaulting the Proud Boys group—no Proud Boys were arrested.  Notice how none of this information makes it to the article–sure, Denver Police would not confirm the arrests, but simply doing your job as a journalist would provide some clarification. 

According to our source, “The CSP trooper in question was warning the Proud Boys that he had “people who would fight” [referencing his troopers] if they stayed past their permitted time, which would open them up to attacks from Antifa without police protection. He was also telling us they would be arrested if they engaged physically with Antifa.” The reason for the lackadaisical and friendly tone? Well, unlike Antifa, the Proud Boys are known to respect police authority.  Anyone who has attended a rally at the Colorado State capital knows the police take no sides when enforcing the 1st amendment. The reason for the relaxed conversation is because one side had a permit, and one side wasn’t acting like a criminal gang—the Proud Boys were there to promote the concept of Free Speech and the First Amendment, nothing more, nothing less.

The fact of the matter is, 8 Antifa Members were arrested, no Proud Boys were–and the media continues to use the term Nazi and “right-wing” when describing Trump rallies. This type of journalism is lazy, unprofessional, and reckless and has resulted in a CSP trooper being suspended. 

Kyle Clark and 9News continue to shield Antifa from public outcry as they attack Trump supporters at every rally. Why? Well, as I have noted in previous posts, Kyle has a far-left leaning bias. He rarely follows right-leaning groups (I’m sure he will hide behind the journalist label) but clearly enjoys following left-leaning groups that attack Trump supporters in Denver at every rally they organize.

KyleClarkFollowsAltLeftI would argue that this was not by accident—by diverting attention away from Antifa to the Colorado State Patrol trooper, Kyle has given them a defense in court that could result in their charges being dismissed. It is blatantly obvious the trooper is warning the Proud Boys not to engage with the other side.

9News is clearly a socialist, left-wing organization. Check out this graphic provided to us that clearly shows 9News is full of left-wing supporters. One must question whether their support of Antifa, with dishonest coverage, could open 9News to prosecution for racketeering charges. The disinformation being put out by them has led to political violence. For this reason, we are asking for whistleblowers. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION TYING 9NEWS TO LEFTIST ORGANIZATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY. 




Interview with Colorado Proud Boys after altercation:

Video of Rally:

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