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Alone in the Fox Hole: The ongoing battle to let my voice be heard.

As a Conservatarian, I know am in the minority. Most statisticians agree that libertarians make up about 1-5% of the American population. This is especially true when it comes to voting records. Yet, in the 4 years since I graduated from MSU-Denver with a Bachelor of Arts in History, it has been an incredulous uphill battle to expand my reach politically and socially. I knew early into my studies that I was not going to be able to teach due to the fact my opinions and beliefs would be marked as libelous. Generally, state curriculums get it all wrong when it comes to world history. For that reason, I chose to self publish.

My first site, the Denver Underground, focused on the libertarian element found throughout Denver and Colorado as a whole. Early on, I found that much of the libertarian base in Colorado was fleeing the state, and my liberal friends were quick to pounce on the site, attacking it almost immediately. “Conservatives” in Colorado also attacked the site for its libertarian roots, alleging that it promoted liberalism or socialism. In other words, I found the value system that I was promoting was wedged between a rock and a hard place.

Soon thereafter, the term “conservatarian” became popular. It turned out that there were many Ron Paulians that did not align perfectly with libertarianism, or conservatism, or neoconservatism. There is no political ideology that honors the values of those that find themselves in this position, so the term was created and it immediately caught on. Four months ago, I launched “The Conservatarian Press.” I have written over 25 articles, some as long as 15 pages. The content is well sourced, and well researched. You will not find articles that are written solely to catch the most recent wave of trends. As a degreed historian, I take pride in my ability to present material that is backed by primary and secondary sources.

That being said, the lack of support from fellow conservatives, libertarians, and republicans alike, has been my greatest challenge. I find that people still flock to what many consider as low quality material. Many bloggers/journalists write to attract the lowest common denominator. In other words, they are no different than the mainstream media. The recent attack on prominent journalists, due to the lack of credibility with organizations like CNN and Fox News, has spurred a wave of new bloggers that simply do not have the credentials to write quality material. The internet has proven to be a double-edged sword, where anyone with a laptop can challenge the monopoly of the mainstream media. However, that also opens the door to more poor journalism. Swapping out one poor source for another is not a solution.

Since I have launched my site, I have also produced several pieces of art on Zazzle, to help me purchase a domain name. I have received many compliments/retweets of the designs, but no actual purchases. Much of the support has been superficial. While we claim to abhor the “Fake News” and love “alternative media,” it seems we do not support those reaching out for help.

It is vital that we challenge ourselves to think critically. We must extend our reach past worthless memes and hit-piece articles which are merely distractions from other material that has better sourcing and material. Answering simple questions before blindly following a site or author should help you navigate through the rubbish:

  1. What is the author/journalist’s background? 
  2. Do they properly source their information? (Primary, Secondary Sources) 
  3. Does the writer follow recommended journalism ethics? (Sourcing material, lack of ad hominem attacks, etc.) 
  4. Does the writer have an honest agenda? (Are they here simply to profit, or spread the truth?) 
  5. Does the author/site support other upcoming journalists/sites? (Properly sourcing/citing other journalists, promoting the truth wherever it can be found.) 

It takes hard work and a lot of time and effort to write quality material. In the blogosphere, there are too many twitter handles with over 10K followers who produce nothing but recycled information and quite frankly—GARBAGE. It also takes financial resources to produce quality material. It will become clear who simply wants to have their voice heard and make an impact for humanity, and who wants to run a profitable business, no matter what information is put out there.

The “Shadowban” of conservatives has also made me feel like I am yelling at the top my voice in a vacuum chamber. No matter what I do, I cannot extend my reach organically. Every move has to be unilateral, by individually tagging folks, or sending private messages. Even if I get you to subscribe to my newsletter, google will send it to your spam inbox.

With that being said, here are my goals as a historian and a journalist: 

  1. Publish my first book before the start of the 2018 Midterm elections. 
  2. Purchase a domain name, which allows more people to find my site through Search Engine Optimization. 
  3. Gain enough followers and supporters to help me have a successful book launch. 
  4. Make a strong societal impact by providing well sourced, valuable information. 
  5. Leave a lasting legacy with the publishing of my new book, Californication: The Rise of the American Technocracy. 

Californication is the culmination of years of research throughout my collegiate and professional careers. Will you help me expand my reach?

Here are great ways to support the site, some of which will cost you absolutely NOTHING.



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2 Responses to “Alone in the Fox Hole: The ongoing battle to let my voice be heard.”

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