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Death of a Nation: Review

Full disclosure: I am a big fan of Dinesh D’souza and his films, even with the blatant bias that is consistent throughout. He has a masterful way of threading a narrative with entertaining depictions of historical events. He also presents often unknown historical facts that typically force the audience to question the historical narrative they have always known.

“Death of a Nation” is the antithesis to the “Birth of a Nation” film that depicts the rise of the KKK in America and was once screened in the White House by Democrat President Woodrow Wilson. It counters the “big lie,” a label created by Dinesh to illustrate the fact that many historical “facts” are actually distortions, especially when it comes to the history of the Democratic party. Overall, Dinesh’s film contends that the stereotypes and labels often associated with conservatives and Republicans are strategically misplaced in order to mask the untold legacy of the Democratic party. “Birth of a Nation,” which promoted the rise of the KKK in America, was filmed by a Democrat president, not a Republican one. This fact and many others are presented throughout the film, namely:

  1. The founder of the Democratic party, Andrew Jackson, helped facilitate the transfer of native peoples to reservations, stealing their land and forcing them to travel in torturous conditions on their way, on the infamous “Trail of Tears.” (This fact was D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America,” as well.)
  2. The Nazis based many of their ideologies and practices on those promoted by American “progressive” politicians and activists like Margaret Sanger and President Roosevelt.
  3. The slave trade was promoted by those in the Democratic party, not the Republican party. Dinesh highlights many of Republican President Lincoln’s comments on the Democratic party and their support of slavery and a welfare state.
  4. The “Big Switch,” was really a “Big Lie.” Dinesh points to the fact that many Southern Democrats did not switch to the Republican party prior to or after the 1964 Civil Rights act.
  5. The Founding Fathers knew slavery was a dying industry and antithetical to our Declaration and Constitution.

Without a doubt, the film provided well sourced evidence with testimony from notable historians and other political activists. He concludes his argument by comparing Lincoln’s demeanor and goals to that of President Trump. Admittedly, the comparisons are unnerving. Not because the two are incomparable, but because the situation in America is so dire that it does remind you of the circumstances that existed prior to 1865. Dinesh artfully compares the speeches between the two leaders, and the reactions from those who disagree with them.

That being said, Dinesh has consistently uplifted the notion of American exceptionalism, without pointing to the many examples throughout American history where America’s institutions were used for an imperialistic agenda or recognizing the inherent corruption that exists in both parties. He is correct in so far as much of this corruption was born within the progressive movement, but he does not point out the fact that many of the corrupt elements within the Republican party are colluding with the Democrats due to the fact they share un-American priorities.

Overall, the film was fantastic. Despite Dinesh’s achilles heel of not providing a full attempt at objectivity, he always hammers his points home. He provides logical arguments with quality sourced material. Equally important, he once again presents his argument with an entertaining script with workable acting material.


Check out Dinesh’s Book, The Big Lie which inspired the movie:



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