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President Trump, it is time for you to call for the break-up of Big Tech.Why Apple’s ban of Alex Jones should scare us all.

Oh, the irony. The irony of Apple announcing their products to the world by comparing themselves to the character Winston, the champion of liberty that went toe-to-toe with Big Brother in George Orwell’s infamous book 1984. What once began as a small personal computer company, Apple has transformed into a monster, becoming the first trillion dollar company in the history of the world. On cue, Apple is now wielding its power right before the 2018 midterms.

As reported by multiple news outlets, Apple, Facebook, Spotify, and Youtube all have banned Infowars and Alex Jones within the last 48 hours for “hate speech.” The collaboration between the companies is what should scare all of us. It is almost as if the other companies needed Apple’s guidance to move forward: “Hey, if Apple does it, surely we can get away with it too.” Without a doubt, legal scholars should examine this environment for multiple reasons:

  1. The censorship has seemingly been enforced by multiple companies, at the same time.
  2. The censorship seemingly violates the user agreements for each company.
  3. The censorship is not being enforced equally. The best example of this is Twitter’s recent “shadow ban” and “quality filter ban.”
  4. The censorship is clearly targeting a specific group, in this case, conservatives and libertarians.
  5. The censorship is occurring in a public forum, where government entities are actively using applications like Facebook and Twitter to communicate to citizens effectively (including our commander-in-chief.)

Consider this situation as an example: 

You are a small newspaper. Internet and computer technology does not exist yet. The largest newspaper, Google, controls access to the printing press and the newspaper stands that sell them. You must lease your printing services from Google. Yet, Google’s ownership has decided it disagrees with your writings. First, Google orders all print stands to place your paper in the back section, where it is not visible to readers. But that is not enough. Next, Google decides to remove your paper entirely. It has banned you from printing your paper with Google, and tells you to print somewhere else. The worst part: Google has a patent on the printing press, and refuses to sell the technology to others! You are effectively put out of business overnight.

Clearly, if that situation had occurred in America during the early 19th century, there would of been a section in the history books that focused on the part where the people demanded change. Today, it is time to examine anti-trust laws with big technology firms. Through and through, big tech represents the modern-day monopoly. Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Spotify, and others should not be allowed to selectively censor political pundits they disagree with. Especially if the speech is protected speech, i.e. not promoting violence. If these companies are colluding to purge a specific political demographic on a widespread scale, there has to be something Congress can do to insure the enforcement of a contract between parties, in this case big tech and its users, is enforced equally. After all, that is the role of government. President Trump needs to make a call for action. He needs to stand up for the base that got him elected in the first place. 

The double standard of enforcement was most obvious when Turning Point USA spokesperson Candace Owens was temporarily banned from Twitter for swapping out the word “white” with “black” in a recent tweet made by NY times journalist Sarah Jeong. Her intention was to show the double-standard of the enforcement of racist rhetoric on Twitter, and Twitter played the part perfectly. Clearly, the enforcement has a left-leaning bias. Twitter was eventually forced to apologize due to the blatant hypocrisy in their enforcement and public outcry.


Democratic leaders and pundits alike have cheered the censorship, while at the same time they are labeling Republicans and conservatives as Nazis and fascists. Fascism is defined by the merger between corporations and big government. We are watching firsthand what this looks like in America with big tech allying itself with big government and the “deep state.”

History will reflect on the moment that Facebook, Twitter, Youtube/Google, and Spotify colluded to ban conservatives off of their platform. The people will not stand for it. What can we do to curb the attack on conservatives’ first amendment rights?

  1. Delete your account. Create accounts on applications that promote free speech, like Gab. At a minimum, be selective on which social networks are worth dumping, and which are worth infiltrating to spread your message of the censorship that is occurring, as best you can. The Conservatarian Press promotes deleting Facebook over all other social media accounts, as its attack on the 1st amendment is unprecedented, and it also functions on the use of your data. Of course, all applications sell your data, but Facebook is known by most computer scientists as the leader in this regard. 
  2. Subscribe to sites like Infowars, and the Conservatarian Press. You have to subscribe by email to circumvent their censorship for direct access to content. SUBSCRIBE HERE.
  3. Contact your legislator. Put the pressure on them, as they are likely being censored on social networks as well.
  4. Contact your attorney. This especially makes sense if you are trying to conduct business, and are losing profit due to the censorship of your account.

The infowar is alive and well; this is not the time to back down. This is the time to stand up and make your voice heard!

#BoycottFacebook #BoycottApple #BoycottTwitter #BoycottYoutube #BoycottSpotify 


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