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Fox News shows its true colors, calls Alex Jones “Conspiracy Loon.”

Fox News has defamed Alex Jones, host of the popular show Infowars, as a “conspiracy loon.” The headline changes once you click the article, but remains on Fox News’ main page. This is not a surprise, Fox has consistently derided 9/11 truthers as “conspiracy theorists,” even though 50% of the public question the events on 9/11. Overall, they question anyone who challenges the neoconservative stranglehold over the Republican party.

Ultimately, Fox News is not a conservative news outlet. They are mainstream and ran by neoconservatives who also have the goal of turning America into a third-world country. Before Trump was elected, they were definitely part of the never-trump movement. Their pundits and their followers alike defame anyone who thinks critically and questions the government/state. Without a doubt, during the Bush years, they led the charge against those who questioned the events of 9/11 and the unconstitutional wars that followed. They used the CIA-invented term “conspiracy theorist” to demonize anyone who questioned the official narrative.

Most would agree that the only host their that does have some physical matter between their ears is Tucker Carlson. Everyone else, Sean Hannity included, are neoconservative sell outs that are there to sell books and promote the agenda of the military industrial complex. Their line-up is full of wannabe porn stars that were babied throughout their careers for their looks, rather than the content they produce.

A note to Brian Flood: you have just placed yourself next to Hillary Clinton, who called infowarriors a “basket full of deplorables.” Ad hominem attacks will never uplift your argument, they will only make you look ignorant. Overall, Alex Jones and his reporting staff at Infowars have been on the front lines, reporting on stories that Fox could only report on days later, because they only have a few real journalists left at the helm of their sinking ship. I would contend that Fox News is just as bad as CNN and MSNBC. There are plenty of real journalists to follow, wake up and realize Fox is organized opposition.

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