Because it's not about left or right, it's about right or wrong.

It is time to let the NFL go.

The players, the owners, and the league commissioner have had ample time to correct their mistakes regarding the national anthem protests that plagued the league and the country over the last 2 years. You would presume that these players who make millions of dollars while “working” in publicly funded stadiums would at least have the wherewithal to have some respect for the country that has afforded them this opportunity. But no.

After the NFL announced its new anthem policy that mandates all players and staff that are on the field must stand, the NFL players’ union has now initiated talks to rescind this mandate, only after 2 months.

Like many Americans, I have had enough. From the invasive searches to get into a stadium, to the blatant endorsement of Obamacare, Americans should recognize that the NFL has been hijacked by liberal elites who have an agenda. Clearly, it is not a pro-American one.

For those that will still support the league, you have sacrificed your liberty, for bread-and-circus entertainment. And as Bill Burr recently pointed out, the game itself has become a complete joke! NFL execs, among other sport organizations, found that consumers spend more dollars if there is more scoring. The end result? An NFL that protects receivers like quarterbacks, with controversial calls, and a watered-down game that resembles flag football. One could argue that the game could easily be rigged with this level of scrutiny on every single play. Watch/Listen to Bill Burr’s accurate assessment here:

America, it is time to fire the NFL for good. We are innovators. We can create a new league, with new teams. In fact, one of Trump’s good friends, Vince McMahon, has done just that.



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