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Controversial Media Pundit Hal Turner Claims that Putin gave Trump a “treasure-trove” of intelligence on corruption in Washington. Should we believe him?

Hal Turner, a controversial media pundit who rose to fame after being a frequent guest on the Sean Hannity show, claims that he has key intel that the DNC’s house of cards is about to fall. In his article, he claims that Vladimir Putin gave President Trump over 160 terabytes of information on the Clinton-DNC cartel and all of their nefarious deeds at the Helsinki summit this past week. Oddly, the data was purportedly partitioned on 160 different 1 terabyte flash drives. Why? Why not put it on a larger hard drive? This is the first question, among others, that points to this article being a hoax. The story, along with Hal Turner’s reputation, is highly suspect. Alex Jones has even claimed Turner is an FBI informant, similar to the likes of Timothy McVeigh:

Most of the article is conjecture, forcing the reader to simply trust Hal’s intel. Just like the drops from the infamous “Q,” we can only establish credibility once the cards actually fall; until then, we are left with unverifiable information. Without a doubt, the information war is alive and well. No one can be trusted. It is up to us as readers to comb through all of the information being thrown upon us, to verify what can and cannot pass the logic test. Critical thinking skills are a must in today’s political climate.

We can only hope that this intelligence is credible. Much of the Clinton crimes are public record, yet, they have never been charged or questioned.


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