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A Lesson in Journalism Ethics for Colorado’s Mainstream Media

My recent article on Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and his attendance at this year’s Bilderberg Group meeting  resulted in a direct attack from Kyle Clark at 9News. Kyle is arguably 9News’ most prominent political journalist, with his show “Next with Kyle Clark.” In my online experiences with Kyle, he is constantly attacking myself and others for differing view points. To be fair, this is his standard reaction if he is attacked directly, and a lot of these attacks perpetuate the same strategy Kyle utilizes to make a political point. However, many of the online attacks towards Kyle have valid arguments. Kyle has a clear bias towards conservatives and libertarians, especially with President Donald J. Trump.

AdHominemKyle’s reaction is the focal point of this article. His habitual tendency to attack a person’s character, rather than the argument they are making itself, serves as a perfect example of what defines an ad hominem attack. Furthermore, it validates conservatives’ assertion that liberals are constantly using this tactic throughout online discourse and elsewhere. In reality, it is the most popular tactic among all political journalists and politicians, no matter their political party.

All that I did was point out that the mainstream media did not report on Governor John Hickenlooper’s attendance at a Bilderberg meeting. The MSM continually reports on what most would consider non-stories, and if they do have a prominent story that matters, they always get the facts wrong! This is why alternative media exists, it is also why print is dead, and why teleprompter TV is dying; only talk radio has a chance, and even then, we see a lack of ethics in their reporting. Kyle Clark’s ad hominem attack highlights his own insecurities about the accuracy of his own reporting. With his resume, he has to be aware of this concept and why it only reveals one’s own weaknesses, rather than highlighting strengths in an argument by providing logic supported by well-sourced information.


The information historians and political journalists have gathered throughout the years proves that the Bilderberg Group has built a strong reputation for lack of transparency. In fact, journalists once called the meeting itself a concoction of epic proportions promoted by crazy “conspiracy theorists.” With the rise of the internet and alternative media, mainstream journalists can no longer deny that the group exists and the annual meeting does occur. The Bilderberg Group even created a website, most likely due to public outcry. Yet, the group still does not release its meeting minutes and the list of attendees is usually released days before the meeting. This could be because many of the most important decisions are made here, and people have even alleged that this is where future U.S. Presidents are “selected” in advance of the election. It is notable to mention that many U.S. Presidents and other world leaders  have attended the meeting prior to being elected: Bill Clinton admitted to attending the meeting in 1991. For these reasons, I would argue that it is a relevant piece of information for the daily news cycle if your current Governor is attending the meeting, especially if he has been mentioned as a potential Presidential candidate.

After my tweet attacking the MSM for lack of reporting on Hick’s attendance, I immediately wrote an article. Without a doubt, it was one of the first articles written on the subject. Luke Rudkowski’s viral video of Hickenlooper arriving in Italy for this year’s Bilderberg meeting occurred 5 days after my article was already posted. Our next lesson in ethics comes from local Colorado radio show host Peter Boyles. Peter had a listener call in to his show on the 11th to report Kyle’s obscene ad hominem attack on my tweet. Almost immediately, Peter claimed “they got that information from us [referring to 9News’ Kyle Clark].” When the listener interjected that “ConservPressNow pointed out that the media was not reporting on it,” Peter responded by stating that “They listened to us, that is how they got that information. We pointed that out.” You can listen to the audio here:

Peter Boyles Show – Kyle Clark Segment

Overall, I admire Peter Boyles’ work, especially his reporting on the Pat Sullivan scandal and Hickenlooper’s connections with Tom Clements’ death. He is one of the best political journalists in Colorado. With Boyles, I do not have any qualms with his reporting or his objectivity–he earns high marks with me there. The problem I have is that he did not acknowledge the fact that I could have obtained this information on my own—the tweet itself was the same day as the press release for the meeting with a macro-level agenda and its list of attendees.  I did not have to listen to his show to get this information. Much of the information regarding Bilderberg did not ever originate with talk radio show hosts, everyone is well aware that Alex Jones was the first to put the spotlight on this event. Alex actually recognized he stood on the shoulders of giants to get the intel he needed. Later, Peter played an audio clip of “a journalist confronting Hickenlooper” when in actuality it was Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change. At least Peter linked to the video in his article, however I would argue that he should of given him and We Are Change more credit throughout his two shows that covered the Bilderberg event. In my opinion, Peter did not give credit where it was due.

In summary, today’s mainstream media have clearly lost focus of what is important: the facts, and the truth. The truth is, it is not a conspiracy theory to highlight a sitting Governor attending a prominent meeting that was once held in secret with other prominent world leaders. Instead of attacking someone’s character, attack their argument and the facts they promote by providing your own facts! Furthermore, if someone gets a story right (and gets to the story first), that organization should be applauded, not demoted. It is arrogant for you to presume you were the only one who had access to certain information. The fact of the matter is, I was one of the first to point out Colorado media’s lack of attention to Hick’s attendance. My article was published on the 5th, the same day as the press release, 2 days before Peter’s linked article, and 5 days before Luke’s confrontation. 

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